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CyberLink AudioDirector 4 is a powerful and easy-to-use audio editing suite designed specifically to improve the sound in videos. With a host of built-in tools to help produce better soundtracks, from frame-by-frame audio/video synchronization to the adding of special sound effects, AudioDirector will dramatically improve the quality of your video projects.

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Using Surround Sound to improve your videos

Adding a Surround Sound audio track is a great way to provide an extra bit of feeling and enhance the audio experience of your videos. The new Surround Sound Panner in AudioDirector 4’s Mix Room can be used to create an immersive and realistic atmosphere where sounds are broadcast around the listener in relation to the action occurring on-screen.

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Effectively transitioning between pieces of background music

A unique new feature in AudioDirector 4, Smart Transition, enables simple and seamless transitions between any two audio tracks. It offers a quick and effective way to move from one piece of background music to another without a glaring break—perfect for longer videos where you need more than one song playing in the background.

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Record, mix and adjust multi-track live recordings

Multitrack live recordings are common for a lot of video work. Perhaps the one that most readily springs to mind is the recording of different instruments in a musical performance. Take a look at how to capture 4 tracks using internal or external recording devices, configure each track, mix and then export the result to DirectorZone for others to enjoy.

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Enhance soundtracks with audio effects

Perfectly timed audio effects can be crucial to the overall impact of your videos. Whether you're adding in hard audio effects or background audio, AudioDirector's Visual Effect Timeline lets you see what effects you've added and where you've added them, at a glance. Choose from the range of built-in effects or download tons more sound clips for free from

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Achieve perfect audio with the visual repair tool

AudioDirector makes repairing imperfections in your audio tracks simple. With the Visual Repair mode, you can not only see where acoustic issues are, but you can isolate and deal with them using a range of five intuitive selection tools. Take a look how easy it is to restore your audio to a pristine state.

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Edit audio tracks for your videos

One of AudioDirector's key strengths is its ability to quickly and precisely edit and synchronize audio for video. Tools like a dockable video preview screen that can be viewed alongside audio waveforms, flexible editing options that extend to even the mix room, and easy-to-use control buttons and keyframes on each audio track make perfecting the audio for your videos a breeze.

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Uploading and downloading sound clips from DirectorZone is a great place to browse and download tons of free sound clips created by CyberLink and other AudioDirector users. As a sharing community, uploading sound clips you've created yourself so that others can enjoy them is also a great way to connect with other creators. Here's a quick look at how easy it is to download and upload DirectorZone sound clips.

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Improve videos by removing background noise from audio tracks

Clean, crisp audio is important for a polished result in your video projects. Take  a look at this tutorial to learn how to use AudioDirector's Noise Reduction feature to reduce broadband and tonal noise transparently, with natural results. You can also train Noise Reduction to remove certain noise types automatically, to dramatically speed up the restoration process.

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