Your "CREATE & PLAY" Multimedia Cloud

CyberLink Cloud service is designed to enrich your media experience with CyberLink multimedia products. Whether you need to wirelessly sync music, photos and videos between PC and mobile devices or back up valuable media creation projects and templates - it effortless, safe and convenient with CyberLink Cloud! Watch Commercial


CyberLink Cloud + Director Suite Live

For serious media creators, CyberLink Cloud provides the safest and most secure way to back up creative projects and templates from Director Suite Live.

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CyberLink Cloud + PowerDVD

For road warriors, CyberLink Cloud provides the easiest way to sync your media between your PC's PowerDVD and mobile devices with the Power Media Player.

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ENRICH Your Multimedia Experience

Whether you're a serious media creator or a road warrior, CyberLink enriches your multimedia experience to "CREATE & PLAY " with safe, secure, and easy-to-use cloud technology. Backing up your creations or syncing media between devices has never been so simple.

CREATE with CyberLink Cloud - Safeguard Your Precious Creative Projects

Backup & Download Projects from the Cloud

Upload and download your projects - even the ones that are "in progress" - safely and easy to the cloud where they'll be accessible by you when you need them most.

Upload & Download Templates from the Cloud

You've upgraded to a new computer or updated to the latest OS, but what happens to all those personalized templates you've created, such as PiP objects, menus, titles, photos and video presets? With CyberLink Cloud, all of your templates can be effortlessly transferred over to your new OS or PC.

Back up & Restore Your Settings via the Cloud

All of your custom system settings in Director Suite Live can remain even when you buy a new PC or re-install or upgrade to a new OS. It's easy to transfer your system settings within Director Suite Live.

Director Suite 3
PowerDirector 13
PhotoDirector 6
AudioDirector 5
ColorDirector 3
20GB CyberLink Cloud (12 mo.)
Perpetual License
$ 179.99
Director Suite Live
PowerDirector 13
PhotoDirector 6
AudioDirector 5
ColorDirector 3
20GB CyberLink Cloud (During Subscription)
Subscription Plan Starting
$ 44.99 / 3 mo.

PLAY with CyberLink Cloud – Access Your Media Anytime, Anywhere!

Upload Videos/Photos from Mobile Devices - Watch on PC

So many photos are taken and videos shot with your mobile devices - what's the easiest you sync or transfer them to your home PC or laptop? With PowerDVD Live, your just capture away and simply upload to CyberLink Cloud for easy access and downloads across all devices!

Sync Your Music and Playlists - Access Anywhere

All your favorite music on your home PC can be transferred to your mobile devices so you can listen to your tunes wherever you go. With CyberLink Cloud and PowerDVD Live, your music files and playlists can be made instantly available on the go, on all your mobile devices.

Convert Your Music and Photos to Save Time & Space

With cloud storage comes the questions of storage space. With CyberLink Cloud, you can select auto-conversion options for your photos and music files when syncing to the cloud to save storage space and reduce bandwidth, all while delivering a seamless playback experience.

PowerDVD 15 Ultra
PowerDVD 15 Ultra
Power Media Player (Win8/iOS/Android)
PowerDVD Remote (iOS/Android)
20GB CyberLink Cloud (12 mo.)
Perpetual License
$ 79.95
PowerDVD Live
PowerDVD Live (3 mo. & 12 mo. plans)
Power Media Player (Win8/iOS/Android)
PowerDVD Remote (iOS/Android)
20GB CyberLink Cloud
Subscription Plan Starting
$ 44.99

ACCESS Anytime - CREATE & PLAY Anywhere

Wherever you are and on whatever devices, you can always stay connected with CyberLink Cloud.


CyberLink Cloud povides the easy-to-use web interface, whether you need to acccess and download your creative projects, or play music or photo slideshows, you can do it all easily and effortlessly with CyberLink Cloud.

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Access from Any Devices

Whether you are using a PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone. You can choose to access CyberLink Cloud from web browser, or through Director Suite Live or PowerDVD Live on your PC, or Power Media Player on your mobile devices.

Playback Music and Photos with a Web Browser

Whether you're using a Mac, Windows PC or just about any mobile device, you can play your music and photos directly from your web browser with CyberLink Cloud.

Download Your Media Collections from Web

Even when you're nowhere near your PC, you can easily download photos, videos and music - all with just a browser. Simply use a browser to access CyberLink Cloud's web management interface and you can download multiple media files with a few clicks.

Download Your Projects & Templates

Downloading your creative projects and template creations has never been so easy! All your projects are safely stored in CyberLink Cloud, with just a browser, you can easily browse and download the projects and templates you are looking for.

SHARE Your Creative Projects and Media Collections

It's easy to share your creative projects and media collections with CyberLink Cloud. From CyberLink Cloud's web interface, select multiple videos, photos or music, and share to your friend with a simple link for a zipped file with all selected files.


Sharing your creative projects is easy, whether you need to share a video editing project with packed material, or a template file you created, simply select the file, and generate a download link to your friend.

Share Your Projects & Templates with Others

Sharing your projects with other Director Suite users is easier than ever. Once you access the friendly web management interface through your browser, you can easily create a link and instantly share with friends or co-workers.

Share Your Media Collection

Sharing photos, music or videos with friends and family has never been easier. CyberLink Cloud makes allows you to easily select and share what's in your media library.

Upgrade to Bigger Storage Options on CyberLink Cloud Service


$ 19.99 / 12 mo.


$ 49.99 / 12 mo.



$ 99.99 / 12 mo.