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Director Suite

The award-winning Media Creative Suite for
video editing, photo editing, audio editing
and color grading.

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Backup & share your projects,
templates with 10GB of free online

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Director Suite

Guaranteed to be Always Up-to-Date

Flexible Quarterly and Annual Subscription Plans

With flexible subscriptions plans, CyberLink Director Suite Live gives you the best of both worlds: the most up-to-date version of Director Suite and the convenience of only paying for the time you'll need. Choose from cost-effective quarterly or annual plans and renew anytime. Best of all, you get all the tools to create the best presentations and multimedia projects with award-winning Director Suite.

Quarterly Plan

$ 49.99 / 3 mo.

Annual Plan

$ 99.99 / 12 mo.


Stay Up-to-date

With the Director Suite Live’s Up-to-Date Guarantee, you get peace of mind knowing that you'll get the latest Director Suite releases during your entire subscription period. That means you'll have the most advanced editing features as well as compatibility with newly supported formats all the time.

BONUS - Over US$285 Value Template Packs

Always looking for new templates to spruce-up your creations? As a Director Suite Live subscriber, you will get 7 premium Creative Design Packs from CyberLink with total value over US$285! You'll always get the future released Creative Design Packs from CyberLink during your subscription period for free!

Director Suite Live v.s. Director Suite

Director Suite Live
Director Suite v.2
Quarterly Plan: $ 49.99 /3 months
Annual Plan: $ 99.99 /12 months
Perpetual License
$ 339.94 $ 184.99
Award-winning Director Suite (including PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, AudioDirector & ColorDirector *
Ongoing access to future Director Suite versions -
Support of CyberLink Cloud Service -
10 GB free storage space on CyberLink Cloud -
Upload and download projects, templates, presets, audio clips to CyberLink Cloud -
Share projects, templates, presets, audio clips via CyberLink Cloud's web interface -
Backup and restore system settings from CyberLink Cloud -
EXCLUSIVE BONUS - Over US$285 value CyberLink Creative Design Packs
Download future released packs during subscription period
* Director Suite Live apps are guaranteed to receive the update during subscription period. For example, when Director Suite v.3 releases, the Director Suite Live subscriber will get the new version (PowerDirector 13, PhotoDirector 6, AudioDirector 5 and ColorDirector 3) through CyberLink Application Manager.

Safeguard Your Creative Projects

Cloud-Connected Tools – Never Lose Data Again

With the help of the latest in cloud technology, you won't need to worry about losing your projects or having to manually back up again. Safely back up your media creations and easily transfer system preferences or templates when you upgrade to a new PC. Director Suite Live integrates CyberLink Cloud which allows you to easily back up and retrieve your important creations safely and securely.

Backup Your Projects to CyberLink Cloud

Video editing takes time. You've spent hours creating your new video project and now you need to back it up, and continue editing on another PC. Director Suite Live provides an easy way for you to upload your project to CyberLink Cloud. Backing-up and restoring projects from CyberLink Cloud is as simple as saving a file on your PC.

Store & Recover Your Templates from CyberLink Cloud

Creative video editors often generate lots of customized templates using PiP Objects, Particles, Titles, Photo or Video Presets or Sound Clips. With CyberLink Cloud, all of your templates can be effortlessly uploaded so that you access and share them from anywhere. It’s also a great way to transfer all your valuable templates across if you’ve just upgraded to a new computer or updated to the latest OS.


Backup & Restore Your Settings with CyberLink Cloud

Every video creator has their preferred system settings to accelerate their working efficiency – for example, hotkeys, timeline frame rate, and acceleration preferences. Director Suite Live provides an easy way for you to backup and restore your system settings when you upgrade to a new PC, or reinstall your OS.

Publish Templates on DirectorZone and CyberLink Cloud

Director Suite Live is integrated with DirectorZone and CyberLink Cloud services. When uploading your templates, you can choose to publish to DirectorZone, or save it to your personal CyberLink Cloud space.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

10GB of Free CyberLink Cloud Service

CyberLink Cloud is designed to work perfectly with Director Suite Live to safely store your media creations and other files via the latest in cloud technology. You can easily upload and download your projects or templates with all Director Suite Live applications, or access your creative projects and templates anytime and anywhere with web browser.

As a Director Suite Live Subscriber, you'll automatically get 10GB of space for free on CyberLink Cloud to safeguard your precious creation.

Store Your Creations in the Cloud

Never worry about losing your important creations. CyberLink Cloud is perfectly integrated with every app in Director Suite Live so you can seamlessly and effortlessly store your media files in the cloud—just as easily as storing them on your PC or USB drive.

Share Your Creative Projects & Templates with CyberLink Cloud

Sometimes you want to share a project or a nicely designed template with your friends or co-workers. It used to be difficult to transfer your creative projects with USB drives or by burning to disc. Now with Director Suite Live and CyberLink Cloud, sharing your creative projects is simple.

Access and Manage Your Projects and Templates Using a Web Browser

You can easily access your backed up projects and templates through your web browser with CyberLink Cloud. The easy-to-use web interface lets you access, download or even create a download link to share your creations with ease.

>> Visit CyberLink Cloud Web Interface

10GB of Free Cloud Service

Director Suite Live includes 10GB free storage space on CyberLink Cloud for storing your previous creations online to access anytime and anywhere.

All You Need for Media Creation

Award-Winning Director Suite – Complete Solution for Video & Photo Editing

Creating compelling video and photo stories is a breeze with Director Suite Live. The suite includes four award-winning media creativity programs that will transform ordinary videos into extraordinary movies and your average photo into a masterpiece. Whether you need a quick touch-up or a full-on edit, your creations will be taken to another level with Director Suite Live.

What's Included in Director Suite Live?

PowerDirector provides the most comprehensive tools for high-quality video productions - all with easy-to-use features and fastest 64-bit video editing. The new MultiCam editing support allows you to import up to four videos taken by different devices, and sync them by audio tracks so that you can easily select the best shots. Theme Designer allows you to create 3D animated slideshows with your videos and photos. >>Learn More

PhotoDirector is a unique application that combines all the features you need for photography in a single workflow – efficient photo management, complete adjustment and creative editing. With native 64-bit support, PhotoDirector enhances your photos in a non-destructive process, and RAW support for popular DSLRs and 4K Ultra output, PhotoDirector is all you need to turn your photos into works of art. >>Learn More

AudioDirector includes everything you need to create fantastic audio elements for your video projects. Create cinematic surround sound, build your own soundtracks and remove unwanted noise in your video. With AudioDirector's powerful editing and mixing tools combine with state-of-the-art restoration technologies, you can restore the audio in your video projects to prestine stage. >>Learn More

ColorDirector gives you total control of color in your video with intuitive color correction and adjustment tools. The new HDR effect and Innovative motion tracking injects life and drama into footage.Taking control of color is an essential component of creating a compelling video production and part of the video editing workflow for all professional film makers. >>Learn More

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$ 99.99 / 12 mo.

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