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PhotoDirector 5 puts added power under the hood with full 64-bit support and offers the industry’s fastest RAW file import speeds.  Over 60 lens correction profiles for popular DSLR lenses combine with powerful new creative editing tools like Bracket HDR and Split Toning effects to bring precision and style to photos.  And for ultra high-quality results there's now High DPI support and 4K UltraHD video slideshows.


Professional Adjustment Tools

Automatic Lens Correction

With over 60 built-in lens profiles from popular DSLR cameras, PhotoDirector can use the Exif data from your shots to quickly and accurately fix common lens flaws like barrel distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration.


Can't find your lens profile? Log on to DirectorZone.com to download many additional lens profiles.

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Enhanced Noise Reduction

Use auto denoise and photo texture recovery to analyze individual images & apply custom correction settings. Photo texture recovery restores texture detail that may be lost when reducing luminance noise.

RGB Curves

Open up a whole new range of editing possibilities by adjusting the specific color channels of an image. Change the tonal scale, or overall contrast, of the red, green and blue channels individually.

Creative Photo Editing

HDR Bracketing

PhotoDirector 5 now offers full multi-frame HDR bracketing, enabling you to merge up to 5 bracketed shots into a single high dynamic range image.


As well as automatic alignment technology and ghost artifact removal, there are options to control the glow strength, edge detail and tone in order to create truly authentic and powerful images.


Split Toning

With the new Split Toning feature you can add different color tints to the shadows and highlights of an image to create artistic edits that can give your photos an edgy, creative look.

Inspiring Video Slideshows

Native 64-bit support enables the handling of high-res 2K & 4K video slideshows. Produce slideshows with transitions, motion effects, titles and music all in the highest possible quality.

Unmatched Speed & Convenience

Faster Than Ever!

With 64-bit support, PhotoDirector can now take advantage of system memory over 4GB for faster processing of files.  Browsing photos is also quicker,  along with complicated editing tasks such as content-aware object removal. 


Additionally, PhotoDirector 5 now offers dramatically enhanced performance for importing and exporting files, including the industry’s fastest RAW import engine.  Importing RAW files is now up to 3-times faster than in PhotoDirector 4!

High DPI Support

New High DPI support for PC and Mac versions ensures PhotoDirector looks great on today’s new high resolution monitors.

Photo Stacking

Stacks are a handy way to create groups within larger folder-based photo sets and make selections from related photos. You can group photos automatically by the time they were taken or manually. 

Windows 8 Tablet App

Free with PhotoDirector 5, the new Windows 8 companion app, PhotoDirector Mobile, lets you snap photos anywhere, and edit anytime. Supports both JPEG and RAW images. Learn more

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