What’s New in Power2Go 9 Platinum?

The new smart choice for anyone looking for reliable burning, excellent performance and end-to-end ease-of-use, Power2Go 9 delivers value from a brand trusted by the world’s leading hardware makers. Check out the innovative new features in Power2Go 9.

Power2Go 9 adds valuable Online Media Backup, the new Disc Manager and the latest music and video formats. 

Social Media Backup

The amount of media we share online is accumulating fast.

It’s so easy. Our laptops are always connected to Facebook so uploading photos is fast and direct. Smartphones make it even easier to capture photos and video and send them directly to social media sites.

Power2Go 9’s new Online Media Backup gives you a direct way to download and back up your photos and video shared on social media sites.


Restrictions apply. Not all online content is available for download.

Disc Manager

Power2Go does a great job of helping you organize material to burn and burning the data to disc.

Now, every time you burn a disc, a list of the contents is added to the Disc Manager catalog. With a click you can instantly see the folder structure and individual files on any given disc. And like with any good catalog, Disc Manager lets you search files and folders. You can sort the list of discs by date as well as disc type, such as audio CD or data DVD.


Disc Manager gives you useful features to help make managing your disc collection easier.

Name tags for your discs

When you burn a disc, you can tag the disc using the categories photo, music, video and document. Tags show right in the Disc Manager.  You can also create custom tags using any description you choose.

Have your discs say "Cheese!"

Shoot a picture of a disc and include that photo in the catalog. Just hold up your disc in front of the camera and snap a picture. You have not only a listing of the contents on the disc, but you can see what the disc looks like when it comes time to find it.

New Format Support

Power2Go 9 Platinum keeps you ahead with support for the newest audio and video formats.

  • Rip music to FLAC and APE lossless formats
  • Burn FLAC/APE files to Audio CDs
  • Create DVD video discs from FLV / MKV video files
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