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Find out how PowerDirector is helping users around the world take their video editing to the next level.  From turning travel videos into captivating time lapses, to documenting off-road biking trails, to capturing stunning, mysterious underwater worlds, real life users offer tips, tricks and insights into how they, and you, can get the most out of PowerDirector's host of powerful features.

  • Fun and Games with PowerDirector

    YouTube channels dedicated entirely to PC & console gaming are surging in popularity. No longer targeting just computer nerds, gaming channels now make up 16 of the top 100 subscribed channels on YouTube. The most popular YouTube channel in the world at the time of this writing is a gaming channel with over 30 million subscribers (For reference, Shakira's channel has 5.5 million subscribers). It may be surprising that these new content creators have achieved celebrity status just by playing and commenting on computer games, but gaming has moved firmly into the mainstream as people spend time to watch as well as play. Read more >

  • The Big Blue

    Create & Play Under the Sea

    Five years after moving to Taiwan to pursue his MBA, 30-year old Dean Fredericks discovers free diving as his new passion, which characterizes his affection with waters of his home in Cape Town, South Africa. Today, Dean has more than 10,000 fans on his YouTube channel, featuring his adventures underwater. Find out about the challenges Dean has faced while shooting under water, and how he's utilized PowerDirector's features to turn the murky depth of the sea floor into vivid & vibrant worlds for his YouTube followers.

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  • PowerDirector - Creative Life in Action
  • PowerDirector - Creative Life in Action
  • Time Lapsing Traveler

    Adventure in Tokyo

    Tokyo, Japan is a spectacular melting pot of modern living and historical sceneries that are often both seen side-by-side within the city’s marvelous landscapes. For CyberLinker Steven Lien, this famous travel location serves as one of his palettes for creating awe-inspiring images and videos while on a quick escape away from his busy work schedule. In this article, Steven shares his tips for creating impressive time lapse videos, right from taking the shots, through to the post-production process in PowerDirector.

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  • The Motorcycle Diaries

    Off Road Journeys

    A love for mountain scenery, fast bikes and radio communication means that, even in retirement, life for David Casler is far from dull. David shares his passions for ham radio, and riding the many trails that dot the Colorado countryside with the world, through his blog dcasler.com, and YouTube channel. Here David shares many valuable tips for editing videos taken while riding his trail bike around the Colorado back country. He also gives an insight into how he handles shooting & editing his video blog posts.

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  • PowerDirector - Creative Life in Action
  • PowerDirector - Creative Life in Action
  • Power of Dance: Power to Create

    Passion for the Performing Arts

    Mauro Sacchi's bold rhythmic movement to the music is not just an ordinary performance but a startlingly powerful expression of his passion for the performing arts. His commanding choreography is even more stunning and pulsating from all angles, as amplified by PowerDirector's power to create.

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  • Up in the Air

    Creating Aerial Videos With PowerDirector

    Flying at an altitude of about 200 meters, Jack Simmons' quadcopter captures a bird's eye view of the sceneries around him, which elevates his passion for video shooting to a whole new level with PowerDirector as his best co-pilot. A quadcopter is multi-rotor helicopter that is lifted by a motor and a propeller at the end of each of its four arms. With a remote control, quadcopter is flown for areal imagery. Quadcopters were initially used for military and law enforcement. However, with advances in processors, batteries, wireless signal, and general innovation in lightweight mechanical, quadcopters are now available for everyone.

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  • PowerDirector - Creative Life in Action
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