PowerDirector Intro Video & Commercial

PowerDirector 12 - Intro Video | CyberLink

Intro Video

You don’t want to miss this PowerDirector intro video to find out more about what makes PowerDirector 12 the best version ever.

PowerDirector 12 - Commercial | CyberLink


New to PowerDirector? Watch our commercial and find out what all the excitement is about!

PowerDirector Tutorial Videos

Getting started with PowerDirector - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Getting Started With PowerDirector

If it's your first time to use PowerDirector, watch this tutorial to have a quick walk through of the user interface, and how to start making your very first video.

MultiCam Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorail | CyberLink

MultiCam Designer NEW

Use the new MultiCam Designer to import, sync and edit footage simultaneously captured from multiple angles with 4 cameras.

Theme Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Theme Designer NEW

Use the new Theme Designer to create 3D-animated video slideshows with your own videos and photos.

Particle Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Particle DesignerUNIQUE

Learn how to design your own particle effects using your own graphic objects and use the built-in animated effects.

Title Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Title Designer

Learn how to customize title designs with various font types, color gradients and animated effects with PowerDirector's Title Designer tool.

PiP Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

PiP Designer

Learn how to overlay graphics on your videos and design its animation with the convenient timeline interface.

Motion Blur Effect - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Motion Blur EffectNEW

Use the new Motion Blur effect to add and control blur length and density when setting the motion animation of PiP objects and text titles.

Content-aware Editing - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Content-Aware EditingUNIQUE

Use PowerDirector's unique Content-aware Editing to smartly analyze your entire footage, and finds out the best shots or correct the imperfect shots.

New Video Effects - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

New Video Effects NEW

Learn how to use the new video effects in PowerDirector 12, including the new lens flare, tilt-shift, maginifierand more.

Color Presets & Round-trip Editing - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Color Presets & Round-trip Editing

Learn how to apply one-click color preset to your videos, and use round-trip-editing between CyberLink Director Suite series products.

Productive Working Environment - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

Productive Working Environment

Learn how to make your video editing more productive with PowerDirector 12's timeline, keyframe and hotkeys.

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