PowerDirector Intro Video

  • PowerDirector 13 Intro Video

    PowerDirector 13 provides the most comprehensive tools for high quality video productions, all with easy-to-use features. You don’t want to miss this PowerDirector intro video to find out more about what makes PowerDirector 13 the best version ever.

PowerDirector Tutorial Videos

  • Getting started with PowerDirector - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

    Getting Started With PowerDirector

    If it's your first time to use PowerDirector, watch this tutorial to have a quick walk through of the user interface, and how to start making your very first video.

  • MultiCam Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorail | CyberLink

    Transition Designer NEW

    PowerDirector 13 adds flexibility and fun to create transition effects from images. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create your customized transition effects.

  • Theme Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

    Title Designer NEW

    PowerDirector's Title Designer gives you total freedom to create animated titles. You can also add over 120 video effects to your title creations to make it more unique.

  • Particle Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

    PiP Designer and Masks

    A PiP object can be a photo, video or graphic
    that overlays another clip, whether we're layering video or creating motion objects, PiP Designer is where it can happen.

  • Title Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

    Stabilizing and Changing Video Speed ENHANCED

    Use PowerDirector's TrueTheater Stabilizer to stabilize shaky shots. You can also create smooth slow motion videos with powerful video speed tools.

  • PiP Designer - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

    MultiCam Editing NEW

    PowerDirector provides two different ways to edit multicam shots. Using MultiCam Designer to switch between 4 shots, or use audio sync to syncronize timeline objects, and creating multicam collages.

  • Motion Blur Effect - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

    Menu DesignerENHANCED

    Ready to create DVD and Blu-ray discs? Learn how to use PowerDirector's Menu Designer to design and customize your unique disc menu.

  • Content-aware Editing - PowerDirector 12 Tutorial | CyberLink

    Working with PluginsNEW

    In this tutorial we'll look at working with NewBlue and proDAD plug-ins installed with PowerDirector 13.

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