PowerDVD is an award-winning universal media player. There are so many ways you can use PowerDVD for your daily media enjoyment and the following few applications provide a few ideas that will help to maximize your media entertainment.

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PowerDVD for Blu-ray Home Theater

If you’re looking for the ultimate Blu-ray home theater experience, you can’t go past PowerDVD. PowerDVD is the world’s top-selling Blu-ray Disc software player, offering more support and better playback than any other software product on the market.

With innovative BD-Live bypass technology for faster start-up for Blu-ray movies and PowerDVD’s big-screen TV optimized Cinema Mode, it’s now faster and more convenient than ever to enjoy brilliant Blu-ray powered by PowerDVD.

A true home theater experience needs top quality audio. You can connect external audio components with lossless pass-through for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and enjoy up to 7.1 channel surround sound.

After you’ve switched to Cinema Mode and are relaxing on your sofa, enjoy the convenience of PowerDVD Remote by turning your iPhone or Android mobile into a remote control for PowerDVD.

PowerDVD for Watching DVDs

As the name suggests, PowerDVD is designed for exceptional playback of DVD dics. Not only can you enjoy flawless DVD viewing but with TrueTheater® technology you can give the DVD format a new lease on life by up-scaling and enhancing both video and audio quality.

TrueTheater® HD displays DVDs as they were meant to be displayed—in picture-perfect quality on an HDTV. Using a sophisticated up-scaling algorithm, you can enjoy SD DVDs in sharper, artifact-free HD quality.

There are a host of other TrueTheater® technologies that can improve your DVD experience, including TrueTheater® Stretch, which customizes playback for the wide variety of displays available in today’s market, and TrueTheater® Surround, which creates a multichannel, surround-like audio output for conventional stereo speakers and headphones.

An all-new subtitle engine delivers sparkling quality and unprecedented flexibility for watching subtitled and closed captioned DVDs. And now they’re fully customizable so you can edit their size, color, border color and position.

There are often favorite scenes in a DVD movie you like to watch again and again. Instant Preview lets you view scene thumbnails when you hover on the navigational slider so you can quickly find the scene you want.

PowerDVD for Watching MKV

A lot of the videos downloaded online are MKV files. MKV files contain encoded video and audio streams and if you’ve tried to play a downloaded MKV movie with a standard video player, you’ve probably found that it doesn’t work. PowerDVD supports not only MKV files, but also most of the video and audio streams within the file, ensuring you can enjoy hassle-free entertainment from whatever you download.

Perfect for watching movies with friends from different language backgrounds; with PowerDVD you can display primary and secondary subtitles simultaneously for MKV movies.

PowerDVD introduces some great new features for watching MKV videos, including being able to close a video file, reopen it and resume from where you left off, as well as the ability to skip between chapters in a movie. PowerDVD now supports multi-angle MKV videos, letting you enjoy your videos with advanced cinematic extras.

PowerDVD for Enjoying Home Videos

Not only does PowerDVD support the latest movie file formats, it also supports all the popular video formats captured from camcorders including AVCHD and HEVC/H.265 formats. Even if your videos were captured in DVD format, you can always use TrueTheater® to upscale playback to HD and even 3D.

PowerDVD features TrueTheater® technology to enhance playback of your captured videos. Turn on TrueTheater® to showcase your videos and present them in their best quality.

TrueTheater® Stabilizer – stabilizes shaky videos captured with handheld devices
TrueTheater® Denoise – reduce artifacts from videos captured in low light
TrueTheater® Lighting – improves brightness from videos with backlight
TrueTheater® HD – upscale SD content playback to HD quality
TrueTheater® 3D – playback 2D content in 3D

Create a playlist of selected videos, photos and music to entertain your guests.

Use instant seek to quickly locate scenes you want by dragging the time dot.

PowerDVD for Watching Photo Slideshows

PowerDVD is an ideal application to browse and showcase your photos with friends and family. Once you have set up your media library, you can access all your photos, including RAW images within PowerDVD.

PowerDVD makes it easy to search photos. Input keywords and related photos and albums will be retrieved immediately.

Using PowerDVD is the best way to enjoy photo slideshows. You can choose duration of a photo and animated effects. Simply turn on your favorite music album and play your photos onto your TV via DLNA.

If your display supports 3D, you can turn on TrueTheater® 3D to enjoy your 2D photos in 3D.

PowerDVD for Enjoying Music Albums

PowerDVD is the ideal player for your music. PowerDVD let’s you browse your audio files by list, grid or album view.

You can sort your music by title, album, artist, genre and rating.


PowerDVD offers several ways to enhance your music output. You can choose the equalizer mode to match your music and use TrueTheater Audio for a virtual speaker mode to simulate your listening environment.

You can create playlists for your work-outs, events, parties, or for your easy listening at home.

PowerDVD for audio offers a Mini Mode so you can enjoy your music while working on your PC.

PowerDVD for Enjoying YouTube

Sign in to your YouTube account within PowerDVD to access your favorited, subscribed, and watch-later videos.

Any video you have selected to watch-later from the YouTube website, will be listed in the Watch Later category.

Pin a video or multiple videos to watch offline using PowerDVD. Great for selecting videos to watch when Internet is not available.

Use PowerDVD to watch standard-definition YouTube videos in HD and 3D using TrueTheater.

PowerDVD & Cloud Services

PowerDVD gives you an integrated playback experience wherever you go. You will need: PowerDVD Ultra or PowerDVD Live, including a valid subscription to CyberLink Cloud. Make sure you've also installed the Power Media Player app (for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices).

PowerDVD makes it easy to sync videos, photos, music and playlists to your smart devices (regardless of platform) wirelessly. Videos are automatically transcoded to the optimal format for your smart devices to ensure the best playback experience.

CyberLink Cloud lets you store content online, so you can access it wherever you are. Download content to play on PCs via PowerDVD or on smart devices using Power Media Player Stream.

Sharing Media Across Devices

When you buy PowerDVD Live or PowerDVD 14 Ultra, you get a bonus app for your iPhone, Android or Windows device, for free. The app, Power Media Player, enables you to watch movies, view photos, and listen to music on your mobile device in the best possible quality.
When you connect any device running Power Media Player up to the same network that your copy of PowerDVD is connected to, you can instantly browse and stream any videos, photos or music in that network.

Play Media Across Devices

Many devices in your home are DLNA certified. The ones that are certified are compatible with each other, and are designed to set up a digital network in your home. With PowerDVD, you’re able to make use of this network by streaming and sharing photos, movies and music across all these devices.

Even better, you can play content from any connected device with TrueTheater® enhancements applied, for the best possible quality!

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