PowerDVD Remote
apps, mobile app, iPhone photo, Android app, Windows app
apps, mobile app, iPhone photo, Android app, Windows app

Turn Your iOS or Android Device into a Wireless Remote Control

PowerDVD Remote instantly turns your iOS or Android device into a remote control, wireless mouse pad and keyboard for PowerDVD on your PC. Sit back on the sofa and control PowerDVD with your smartphone or tablet. Even transfer photos and videos from your mobile devices to your PC.

Best of all, PowerDVD Remote is free for PowerDVD Live and all versions of PowerDVD 14! Install PowerDVD Remote from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and take full control of your digital entertainment.

Playback Control

Turn Your Smart Device into a Remote Control

The PowerDVD Remote gives you total control over your Blu-ray discs, DVD titles and high-definition videos as well as the music and photo playback features in PowerDVD.

Control movie, video, music and photo playback with PowerDVD Remote
Playback your Blu-ray discs with the new PC remote app
All the controls you'll need with PowerDVD Remote
Control playback of all your media with the PowerDVD Remote simply by selecting an icon.
PowerDVD Remote easily navigates Blu-ray disc menus and comes complete with Blu-ray color coded soft keys.
Providing a wide array of DVD disc playback controls, PowerDVD Remote gives you total command of your movies.
Play Media

Play From Smart Devices to PowerDVD

PowerDVD Remote lets you play and download videos and photos stored in your smart devices to PCs. Share your media on the best screen possible with PowerDVD Remote.

Play media from phone to PC with PowerDVD Remote   Play media from phone to PC with PowerDVD Remote

Stream videos to PowerDVD and apply TrueTheater® Technology to enhance the viewing quality of your media.


Play photos from smart devices in animated slideshows and take advantage of the better viewing platform of your PC.

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Pad

Convenient Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Pad for PowerDVD

Use PowerDVD Remote as a wireless keyboard & mouse touch pad for PowerDVD.

  Use PowerDVD Remote as a wireless mouse pad for your PC

Use PowerDVD Remote as wireless keyboard for PowerDVD, entering keywords to search for YouTube video or Smart Media Library items.


Working just like a touchpad on a laptop, you can move the cursor around PowerDVD opening and closing files.

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