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Immerse yourself in high quality media entertainment with PowerDVD’s TrueTheater technologies, the latest media formats, smart cross-platform media transcoding and more.

PowerDVD integrates its award-winning blu-ray player software, mobile apps and cloud services to provide a seamless entertainment ecosystem that lets you enjoy all your favorite media content anytime, anywhere and on any device.


No Better Way to Play

The Universal Player for All Your Media

Supports 4K UltraHD

Play Virtually Any Media

PowerDVD is all you need to play any media

  • Blu-ray software, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD player
  • Movies and videos files, including MKV, MP4, AVCHD, XAVC-S
  • 4K Ultra HD and HEVC (H.265) videos
  • Music files in MP3, FLAC, ALAC and popular formats
  • Camera RAW, photo slideshows with pan & zoom
  • YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr content

The Central Player for All Your Media

Experience stunning performance and seamless playback of movies, music, photos and video clips.

  • Play media from your PC, home network, connected devices, your content in the cloud, and social networks
  • Manage and enjoy all your media in one place
  • Create video, music and photo playlists
  • Browse videos and photos in Calendar view

Quality Truly Beyond Expectation

PowerDVD’s unique TrueTheater™ enhancements make movies come alive with sharper detail, enhanced lighting, smoother motion and immersive surround sound effects. Instantly convert movies and slideshows to eye-catching 3D! 

blu-ray player software

TrueTheater HD

Upscale videos to HD quality and beyond

TrueTheater Motion

Up-convert frame-rate for smoother video playback

TrueTheater 3D

Turn 2D movies and photos to 3D

TrueTheater Lighting

Enhanced image colors and detail

TrueTheater Stretch

Intelligently expand 4:3 video to 16:9

TrueTheater Stabilizer

Minimize video shakiness

TrueTheater Denoise

Reduce video artifacts

TrueTheater Surround

Expand stereo output for home theater-style surround sound

Enjoy High Fidelity HEVC/H.265 Video

Enjoy High Fidelity HEVC/H.265 Video

PowerDVD blu-ray player software now supports the brand new HEVC/H.265 format. This next-gen advanced video format is designed for higher quality entertainment and more efficient delivery.

  • Higher Quality - Enjoy super high pixel fidelity and video resolution with new codec technology
  • Faster Downloads - Download HD movies in less than half the time you currently do
  • Store More - Fit a year's worth of movies into your slim Ultrabook

HD Surround Sound for Your HD Movies

HD Surround Sound for Your HD Movies

Match your visual experience with the best audio available. PowerDVD blu-ray software offers a high quality listening experience for all your media.

  • Enjoy HD audio using WASAPI Exclusive Mode that configures audio devices to match the source format thereby avoiding quality degradation
  • Lossless pass-through for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Support for HDMI 1.4 for multi-channel high definition audio
  • Enjoy cinematic soundtracks with 7.1 channel audio
  • Expand 2-channel audio to 6.1 channel sound with Dolby Digital EX
  • Experience 5.1 surround sound on headphones and stereo speakers with Dolby Virtual Speaker and CyberLink TrueTheater Surround
  • Play music in lossless formats including FLAC, APE, and high quality DTS 24/96

Cloud-Connected Entertainment

10GB Free Cloud Services

Entertainment On-the-Go with CyberLink Cloud

Store Your Media in the Cloud

PowerDVD 14 Ultra blu-ray player software comes with 10GB of FREE cloud storage for the 1st year. You can easily manage your content from PowerDVD or from the CyberLink Cloud web interface.

Sync Your Content Automatically, Stream Content from the Cloud

Sync Your Content Automatically

With CyberLink Cloud, you can sync photos, videos, music and playlists across all your devices wirelessly and automatically.

Stream Content from the Cloud

With your media stored in the cloud, you can access and stream your content to any PC with PowerDVD or mobile device using the Power Media Player mobile app.

Sync Across PC, iOS & Android Mobile Devices

Wirelessly and automatically sync your content across PC and iOS & Android mobile devices

Enjoy Photos, Music and Videos wherever you go

Enjoy your photos, music and videos wherever you go

Auto-transcoding for Photos & MusicOptimize storage space with auto-transcoding for photos & music

Make Your Entertainment Mobile With Power Media Player

Make Your Entertainment Mobile With Power Media Player

Extend your enjoyment of media with Power Media Player* – the companion mobile player app for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Take advantage of CyberLink Cloud to sync, stream and play video, music and photos wherever you go.

* formerly named PowerDVD Mobile
apps, mobile app, iPhone photo, Android app, Windows app
apps, mobile app, iPhone photo, Android app, Windows app
apps, mobile app, iPhone photo, Android app, Windows app
Share Your Media with Ease

Share Your Media with Ease

With CyberLink Cloud you can easily share any single photo video, music or complete albums with friends and family using the CyberLink Cloud web interface.

Entertainment Across Devices

Enjoy Media Throughout Your Home

Enjoy Media Throughout Your Home

Play Virtually Any Media

Stream and share photos, movies and music across your home network between connected Windows, Android, iOS and DLNA devices. Access all your content, no matter on which device it is located, from any connected device.

  • Play content from any connected device with TrueTheater quality!
  • Play to TV - directly or through your wireless network
  • Browse content on one device to play on another
Play from Anywhere on your Network

Media Player (DMP) - Play content from any connected device in your home network with TrueTheater quality!

Play Media from Other Devices  

Media Renderer (DMR) - TVs, stereos and mobile devices can play back media from PowerDVD and Power Media Player.

Find & Play Content with Total Control

Media Controller (DMC) -Browse content on servers and play it on other screens.

Share to any Device on your Network

Media Server (DMS) - Share your videos, photos and music to DLNA-compliant devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Link All Devices with PowerDVD Mobile Apps

Link All Devices with PowerDVD Mobile Apps

PowerDVD blu-ray software comes with companion apps for your smart devices that let you stream, share and sync content across platforms, so you can enjoy your media anytime, anywhere.

Power Media Player
  • Play video, music and photo on mobile devices
  • Stream video, music and photo from PowerDVD
  • Play content from mobile device to PowerDVD or DLNA devices in same network
PowerDVD Remote
  • Turn your iOS or Android device into a remote control for PowerDVD
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse pad for PowerDVD
  • Play photos from smart devices to PC in animated slideshows

Online Videos in One Place

Turn PowerDVD into Your DVR for YouTube

Turn PowerDVD into Your DVR for YouTube

  • Watch pinned YouTube videos offline
  • Play pinned videos in fast-forward or slow-mo
  • Group your favorite music videos as a playlist
  • Upscale YouTube content to HD on-the-fly with TrueTheater HD
  • Watch 2D YouTube videos in 3D with TrueTheater 3D
  • Select videos on YouTube to watch later in PowerDVD
Access Your Favorite Social Media in One Player

Access Your Favorite Social Media in One Player

  • Access all your content from YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo
  • Watch media content shared from your network
  • Share your content to social network directly from PowerDVD
  • Watch YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo content in HD and 3D using TrueTheater technology in PowerDVD

Seamless Access to Premium Content and Movie Info

UltraViolet™ Ready

UltraViolet is an exciting new service that lets you purchase, store and download content from the cloud. Register or sign into your UltraViolet account, view collection and download content, all from within PowerDVD.

Note: This feature will only become available when the DECE launches shareable CFF downloads for UltraViolet players. Free updates to PowerDVD will be provided at that time. This service will initially be available only to US users.

Online Movie Info

Find out what’s new in theaters and on disc. Broaden your movie experience with the latest online movie info from MoovieLive, integrated into PowerDVD.

Seamless Access to Premium Content and Movie Info

Ultimate Movie Entertainment

Fast Start-up with Instant Play

Fast Start-up with Instant Play

Speed! Experience faster start-up for Blu-ray movies with innovative BD-Live bypass technology! Architecture and application optimization deliver Instant Play performance for viewing photos, playing music and video playback.

Play Downloaded Movies as Seamless as Disc

Play Downloaded Movies as Seamless as Disc

Watching movies from file is as convenient as watching from disc.  The Movie Library  automatically adds cover art to make finding movies a snap.

  • Auto load subtitles when you play movie files
  • See instant scene thumbnails when you scrub the timeline
  • Move between chapters in MKV movies
  • Resume movie files from where you left off

Amazingly Clear Subtitles

Customize subtitles for MKV movies

  • Edit subtitle size, color, border color and position
  • Display subtitles outside of picture in screen letterbox region
  • Load subtitles by drag and drop

Display primary and secondary subtitles at the same time

  • Patented CyberLink technology allows simultaneous display of two separate subtitle files
  • Valued for education, language learning and watching Hollywood 
    movies in non-English speaking regions
  • Display primary and secondary subtitles simultaneously for Blu-ray 
    Disc and MKV / MP4 movies
Customize subtitles for MKV movies

Personalize the Interface

Customization options let you tailor PowerDVD to your needs. Hide Media Panel tabs – such as the Music Store, Home Media (DLNA) or Online Media – to streamline the interface. Hiding media panel tabs also halts related background processes making the application run even faster. And now you can also customize PowerDVD's look and feel!

  • Choose items that display in the caption bar, movies tab and playback controls
  • Change keyboard hotkey and mouse wheel behaviors
  • Choose from 5 different backgrounds to suit your mood
Personalize the Interface

Play in Various Modes

Enjoy movies on large screen with theater-style Cinema Mode, designed to make your entertainment experience more convenient and enjoyable.

  • Watch movies on your big-screen TV using a remote control
  • Touch optimized for Windows 8 devices, for easy navigation on tablets

Play Music All Day with the Mini Player

  • Play music in the background as you work
  • Show album art
  • Pause, skip and mute easily and quickly
Play in Various Modes
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