Intuitive, Precise and Creative Color Correction and Enhancement for Videos

ColorDirector brings professional color enhancement tools to your desktop. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, you can easily correct colors, adjust tonality, change regional colors with advanced motion tracking and more. Whether you're a color pro or an aspiring colorist, ColorDirector gives your videos the professional film look.

Enhance Colors with Complete Tools

Correct color temperature and intensity of your videos with sophisticated color balancing tools and more.
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Express with Creative Color Controls

Add emotion to your movies with creative color themes, regional color adjustments with mask and motion tracking tools.
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Connect and Share with Online Community

Download FREE presets from DirectorZone and share your productions on YouTube and DirectorZone.
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Round-Trip Editing with PowerDirector 11

ColorDirector is designed to provide smooth round-trip editing when paired with PowerDirector 11.
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Enhance Video Colors with Complete Adjustment Tools

Professional Color Adjustment Tools at Your Desktop

ColorDirector comes with a complete set of tools to correct white balance, adjust tonality, and enhance and stylize the colors within your videos. All the professional tools you need – from fixing color problems to enhancing your videos creatively and tastefully – can be done right from your desktop.

Instant White Balance Correction

Remove unwanted color casts from footage and even adjust the color temperature and tint of the entire video or only portions of the screen.

Tone & Color Enhancements

Full range of adjustment tools to fix exposure, enhance clarity and vibrancy. Selectively adjust HSL of 8 color-band ranges, and more.

Regional Adjustments

Apply color adjustments to an entire frame or make enhancements and replacements to any specific area or object within a video frame.

Dynamic Exposure Correction

Fix video exposure problems due to changing lighting conditions by using easy-to-apply regional masks and keyframes.

Express with Creative Video Color Controls

Innovative Motion Tracking

ColorDirector's takes the difficulty out of adjusting the color of moving objects within a video. Quickly select or isolate objects with masking tools and accurately track their movements with CyberLink's Intelligent Motion Tracking algorithm.

Easy Color Replacement

Apply complete color changes either globally or only to specific regions or objects using mask tools and advanced motion tracking.

Tilt Shift Videos

Apply interesting tilt-shift effects to your videos without having to purchase expensive video camera lenses by using the easy-to-apply gradient mask.

Film-style Presets

Apply some of the most popular stylized grades in movies today with built-in presets in ColorDirector. Or manually adjust your footage to get the look you're after, then save it as a preset to use on other projects.

Convenient Comparison View

Get a real-time snapshot of how the changes you apply compare to your original footage with the convenient side-by-side view mode.

Automatic Scene Detection

ColorDirector automatically detects scene changes, so you can easily identify parts of the video that need color adjustments.

Non-Destructive Editing

Because all adjustments can be applied as simulations, your original video remains intact, so you can experiment without worries.

Rapid Pre-Processing

ColorDirector includes essential editing tools to trim and split videos and render only the parts you want in your final production.

Powerful Keyframing

ColorDirector's powerful and intuitive keyframe features let you quickly adjust color effects and masks with great detail and precision.

Connect & Share with the Largest Online Community

Share Directly to YouTube

Movies are made to be shared. With ColorDirector, you can directly upload to YouTube as well as DirectorZone, the largest online video editing community.

FREE ColorDirector Presets

DirectorZone now features color grade presets created by CyberLink as well as other video editing fans that you can download for free and apply to your own video projects.

Share Your Own Presets is an online community of creative video editing enthusiasts with whom you can share your own stylized grades, effects, and other video editing tips.

PhotoDirector Presets

For users of PhotoDirector, ColorDirector's preset compatibility means presets you've created or downloaded for PhotoDirector can also be used in ColorDirector.

Round-Trip Video Editing with PowerDirector 11

Streamlined Workflow

ColorDirector puts the finishing touches on your video projects with a roundtrip experience. For an optimal video editing workflow, use PowerDirector 11 to import and edit your raw video footage, launch ColorDirector directly from PowerDirector’s interface for color grading, then send the footage back to PowerDirector for video rendering and production.

Lossless Video Quality

Full interoperability between ColorDirector and PowerDirector means that your color-corrected videos are rendered in PowerDirector to retain optimal video quality and save on processing time.

Powerful Production Options

Produce your projects to WMV, MPEG-2, or M2TS format used for HD Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD files. ColorDirector also supports Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 audio to ensure top quality sound.

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