Complete Photo Editing Software, plus Color Grading for Your Videos

PhotoDirector combines all the features you need for photography in a single workflow – efficient photo management, complete adjustment and creative editing. The set includes two outstanding products – PhotoDirector 5 Ultra, complete photo editing and ColorDirector Ultra, advanced video color grading solution to create compelling movies.

Create With Complete
Adjustment Tools
Advanced Color Grading for Videos
Express your vision with
Smart photo editing
Manage Photos
with ease
Showcase high Quality productions


Complete Adjustment Tools

Bring out the colors in your shots with a wide range of tools for tonal adjustment, white balance & saturation control, including curves and levels.


Non-Destructive Editing

Edit photos in a non-destructive environment that safeguards the state of your original image

Regional adjustments

Comes with a number of selection brushes to isolate areas in a photo and edit with complete adjustment tools.


Easily identify overexposed or underexposed areas in your photos. Values are arrayed across the graph from left (darkest) to right (brightest).

Lens CorrectionNEW

Automatically correct distortion from popular lens makers.

Unsharp Mask

Deliver crisp, sharp images with detail sharpening adjustments.

Noise Reduction

Remove artifacts from shots taken at high ISO or in low light conditions

RGB Curves NEW

Adjust individual RGB channels to control color and contrast.

Creative Effects

PhotoDirector comes with complete tools to express your vision. Stylize your photos with split tone, presets, HDR effects and more.

Split Tone NEW

Impart drama and style by adding different colors to both the highlights and shadows of an image.


Use gradient masking techniques to get the miniature model look for your photos.

Photo Presets

Choose from a range of photo presets including HDR for quick, creative image adjustments.

Creative Color Tones

Give your photos a classy monochrome, duotone or filtered style for a unique look

Download Presets from DirectorZone

Download thousands of FREE presets created and shared by PhotoDirector users on the largest creative editing community website, DirectorZone.



Powerful Color Grading for Videos

ColorDirector comes complete with tools to correct and enhance colors of your videos. With new support for UltraHD 4K files and popular video formats, ColorDirector dramatically gives your videos the professional look.


Create Dynamic HDR Videos NEW

Now for the first time, you can apply HDR to your videos too. Increase dynamic range to your scenes, bring out the  details and highlights of your footage.

Intelligent Motion Tracking

In combination with smart selection tools, let’s you track motion and isolate objects to create stylistic visual effects.

Bring Out Details in Lowlight NEW

New edge sharpening and noise reduction tools bring out richer colors and better quality for night shots.

Get the Cinema Look

Apply presets to get the professional look you want. Or download FREE presets created and shared by DirectorZone community members.


Unique and Powerful Editing Tools

Explore your creativity with easy-to-use tools to transform your photos into works that capture the imagination.


Stunning Portraits

Unique People Beautifier Tools contour figures and take away the extra pounds that cameras put on.

Protective Brush

Lets you reshape only the parts you want to adjust in your portrait photos and leave the rest untouched

Eye Blinger

Unlike simple red-eye removal, Eye Blinger enhances whites of the eyes by removing color casts and bringing out the color of the eyes.

Wrinkle Removal

To create smoother, youthful looking skin, use the wrinkle removal to retouch imperfections and blemishes in specific areas.

Skin Smoother

Smooth out skin and even out tones to give your portrait a professional look with the Skin Smoother and Eraser tool.

Tooth Brush

The Tooth Brush makes it easy to whiten teeth. Select the Eraser tool and you can fine-tune the areas where you applied the brush.

Bracketed HDRNEW

Merges up to 5 bracketed shots into a single high dynamic range (HDR) photo with automatic alignment and ghost artifact removal. 

Content-aware Removal

Remove unwanted objects or people from photos automatically by intelligently filling in the background area.

Creative Photo Composition

Easily extract ojects from images and transfer them as overlays onto other photos. Includes intelligent tools to select objects or people to extract.

Remove Unwanted Wires

Improve photos by removing distracting wires and power-lines using the versatile content-aware removal feature.

Achieve Stylistic Effects

Apply black and white, blur, sepia and tint effects. Use brush tools to mask areas you want to remain untouched.

Powerful Watermark Tool

Design your watermark with titles, frames, and images. Add copyright, camera model, exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO information.



Organize and Retrieve Photos Easily

Our photo collections grow quickly. PhotoDirector lets you manage, adjust, edit and export photos in one intuitive application.


Face Recognition

Organizing photos in your library is almost effortless with automatic face tagging.

Import Auto Processing

Automatically organize, apply quality adjustments and presets during import to save time.

IPTC Metadata Editing

Add and edit the IPTC metadata of an image—including shutter speed, exposure information, capture date, ISO, etc.

Auto Image Stacks NEW

A handy way to create groups within larger folder-based photo sets—combine a group of images with a similar frame of reference.

Multiple Ways to Pick Your Best Shots

Image Compare and Contrast

Within the Photo Library Module, choose between different viewing modes to compare images. View two photos side-by-side in Compare Two mode or multiple photos at the same time in Lightbox Mode.

Multiple Photo Views for Easy Selection

Choose between three different modes (single/compare/grid) to compare the original photo with edited images to decide if the adjustments you applied are the exact effect you were looking for.

Browser and Viewer Modes

Edit your photos while viewing them in several layout options. Display a large portion of the image as well as a small filmstrip of thumbnail images simultaneously to conveniently and quickly apply adjustments to several photos.

Faster Importing & Exporting of RAW Photos

RAW files provide higher quality information and more flexibility in processing than other formats, but processing them can result in frustrating delays. PhotoDirector 5 solves the problem with new RAW processing technology that's faster than ever. Nearly 3x faster than the previous version, and up to 40x faster than leading competitors' software, with PhotoDirector 5 you have more time to perfect your photos and less time to wait.

Test Case
File: Canon 5D2 RAW files
Import Settings: Software default settings
Export Settings: Format=JPEG / Color Space=sRGB / JPEG
Quality=Max. quality
Test Platform
Processor: Intel Core i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz
Memory: 6GB Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 ( driver)
Operating System: Windows 8 Pro x64

16-bit Quality Support

Enjoy 16-bit color quality for rich color depth, amazing color control and accurate image reproduction from import to export.

Package a Project

Photo adjustments and attributes are packaged so that you can resume work with PhotoDirector on a different computer.

Batch Editing

Photo adjustments can be conveniently applied to large batches of photos at once to save valuable processing time.

Dual Screen Support

Increase your photo editing real-estate with full-screen view for conveniently displaying PhotoDirector across two monitors.

Seamless Round-trip Editing with PowerDirector

Introduce photo editing into your video editing workflow with support for full round-trip editing with award-winning video editor, PowerDirector. Smooth interoperability means you can send adjusted photos to PowerDirector with a single click so they can be integrated into video productions.


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Print and Share Your Works of Art

PhotoDirector lets you export photos, make high quality prints and directly upload your work to social networks.


Print High Quality Photos

Print module is packed with printing options and presets to suit your desired format. It comes complete with a wide range of page size settings and also allows you to adjust the printing resolution.


Customizable File Export

Export to different color spaces including sRGB, Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB. Customize your exports with output resolution, file size, file destination, metadata and more.

4K Video Slideshows NEW

When running PhotoDirector 5 on a 64-bit Windows or Mac system, you can create 2K (2048 x 1152) or 4K (4096 x 2304) UltraHD video slideshows.  Produce slideshows with transitions, motion effects, titles and background music. Choose from H.264 (M2TS and MPEG4) and WMV files and upload to YouTube directly.

Upload and Share Directly to Social Communities

Share your favorite photos with friends and family by uploading them directly from PhotoDirector to Facebook or export them directly to Flickr.

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