CyberLink MVP - Software Review

For me, Cyberlink's software is easy but yet professional instruments to unleash creativity and imagination to produce high quality videos.

2012. 9. 19

Rosa Maria Ledesma

About three years ago I began to experiment editing videos. My first videos were just a few photographs that mainly went along with the lyrics of a song that I liked. Some had little or no transitions. I experimented with a few different well known video editing programs, until I came across Cyberlink's Power Director 8 trial version. I was so excited with how easy the process of editing video was and with the innovative access of particles and effects not found in any of the other programs that of course I bought the program! That is when I realized I have found the means to express my feelings for music and to develop a hobby that has allowed me to turn part of my life, mostly around accounting and finances, into an artistic expression.


As time went by, I began to learn from the useful tutorials, and by studying the timeline generously shared by the members of Director Zone, I embarked in a journey totally new and exciting in my life. Playing around with all the possibilities, as an amateur not knowledgeable in technicalities about anything that had to do with editing videos, experimenting every day features offered by this marble of program, I can say, I have come along way. I would have never accomplished what I have in the art of editing videos if it wouldn't have been by Cyberlink's PowerDirector and the access to DirectorZone. And I would add, that it has been the same with most of the video editors who share their creations, without been professionals, many have developed in true artists.


PowerDirector 11

Power Director 10 brought us many new innovations, including and not limited to the ability to be able to levitate and add motion to static objects. Now, PowerDirector 11 takes us to a whole new dimension with numerous possibilities. I love the new design with the rolling video camera and the Olympics rings in beautiful colors.

PhotoDirector 4

I love Photo Director! ...I don't take good pictures, so for me and after learning Photo Director, now I can improve any picture, change the ambiance, or give it a totally new look. I have been using Photo Director 3, but Photo Director 4 brings one great new feature!!!!!! Body Shaper!!!!!...Now I can change the body shape of anyone! ( I can make my pictures now drop 2 sizes!=)Also the Content Aware removal feature to remove unwanted objects from a picture. There are new Presets as well. In PhotoDirector the feature of the background removal is easy to use and the result is great.


AudioDirector 3

For those who like to sing with tracks, (like me although I don't sing well) the voice can be removed from the music! Then, voila! You have a new track to sing over! The noise reduction,volume adjustment, trimming are just a few of the wonderful features Audio Director 3 offers.


For me, Cyberlink's software are easy but yet professional instruments to unleash creativity and imagination to produce high quality videos and to edit photographs to conform to almost any taste.


My daughter is getting married next year. What a great request I received from her: " Mom, I am counting with you to produce an awesome video to showcase in a big screen during the reception" What a great satisfaction will be for me! And I know how proudly she would announce that it was made by her mother.


Thank you Cyberlink for opening new horizons!!!!!!