CyberLink MVP - Software Review

PowerDirector 11 continues to build on the progress... ,providing a program that produces stunning productions for an excellent price.

2012. 9. 19


CyberLink continues to develop it’s PowerDirector video editing software with it’s latest release, version 11.

When opening the program, you are offered the choice of whether to enter the full editing suite or a simpler interface for novice users. This feature can be turned off if you always work with one particular interface.

Opening the full interface you enter the ‘Edit’ module and are presented with ten empty timelines containing multiple video and audio tracks as well as some sample clips in the media library and a video preview window. You can import media files into PowerDirector easily from a hard drive or memory card. If you are capturing from a tape, DVD or external source you can do so in the ‘Capture’ module.

Within the ‘Edit’ module, PowerDirector comes with a wide choice of enhancements to enrich your production. You can chose these from several tabs that appear down the left hand side of the media library where enhancements such as video effects, PiP objects, text overlays, transitions and subtitles can be utilized. You can also select chapter markers for creating an optical disc project, voice over recording and audio mixing.

Once you have completed your video editing in the ‘Edit’ module you can enter the ‘Produce’ module to choose a suitable output for your work. Many video editors opt to output their work to a video file and stream their productions or place them on removable media. Within the ‘Produce’ module you can select a number of output types including MPEG-2, H.264 AVC and MPEG-4 to name but a few. Using compatible footage, you also have the opportunity to output in 3D.

PowerDirector has a wonderful feature that allows it to advise you on the output format that would best preserve the quality of your original footage called ‘Intelligent Smart Video Rendering Technology’. Within the ‘Produce’ module simply selecting ‘Intelligent SVRT’ will allow PowerDirector to analyse your project and advise you on the best output for video quality preservation, as well as advising you on the percentage of your project that needs to be re-encoded.

PowerDirector is compatible with a wide range of NVIDIA and ATi GPUs and will enhance your PCs ability to render your productions quicker than if you were relying entirely on your CPU.


If you prefer a to produce an optical disc, you can enter the ‘Create Disc’ module where a suitable menu design can be created or you may choose from the wide variety of pre-designed menu themes. You have the choice of DVD, blu-ray, and AVCHD DVD discs for 2D and 3D and Video CD for 2D only.


PowerDirector 11 continues to build on the progress made in previous versions of the software, providing a program that produces stunning productions for an excellent price.

How about a version for the mac?