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About PhotoDirector

Intuitively Manage, Adjust, Edit and Showcase Your Photos
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PhotoDirector 4 is a comprehensive, powerful, and intuitive solution to create professional looking photos. From the moment your photos are imported, you will be empowered with new and unique features that bring out depth and accuracy in your masterpieces. You can also share your custom editing presets on DirectorZone and download an unlimited number of presets from other PhotoDirector users. Portraits become flawless, scenery transforms to your desire.

Exciting Features in PhotoDirector 4!
Smart Content-Aware Removal
Remove unwanted objects from photos automatically while allowing the program fill in the background area. The powerful line tool also helps users easily remove unwanted wire lines in your photos. Watch demo video

Amazing People Beautifier
New! Body Shaper
Make your portraits a stunner with the latest addition to People Beautifier Tools. It contours body figure for that even flawless look in your portraits. Make your portraits slimmer or taller with easy adjustment controls.

Eye Blinger
Unlike simple red-eye removal, Eye Blinger enhances whites of the eyes by removing color casts and bringing out the color of the eyes.
Wrinkle Removal
To create smoother, youthful looking skin, use the wrinkle removal to retouch imperfections and blemishes in specific areas.
Skin Smoother
Smooth out skin and even out tones to give your portrait a professional look with the Skin Smoother and Eraser tool.
Tooth Brush
Use the Tooth Brush Eraser tool to select and whiten teeth. With the final touches turn your photos into perfect portraits.

HDR Presets
Turn your photos into high contrast and dramatic scenes instantly with new built-in HDR presets. Also featuring HDR tools for refining your preferred HDR effect.
HDR Effect demo video

Chromatic Aberration
PhotoDirector easily removes color fringing that are usually visible on image periphery or high-contrast edges in photos.

Face Recognition for Easy Photo Management
Smart Face Recognition Technology allows you to identify and tag faces in single image or batches of photos. When you are done tagging, you can easily retrieve photos by names.

Fine-tune Photos with Global and Regional Adjustment Tools
NEW HDR Effect Tool
Turn high contrast scenes into HDR images. Stylize your visual effects with HDR and tonal adjustments to create dramatic masterpieces.
IMPROVED Tone Adjustment
More flexibility to control tone and tinge fast and precisely. Achieve the exact look and feel you want for your photo.
IMPROVED White Balance
Regulate temperature and tint to remove unwanted color casts or create visuals to set a certain mood or artistic effects to your photos.
Levels & Curves
Add punch to your photos by applying Levels and Curves adjustments to the overall image or to specific areas only.

PhotoDirector 4 Tutorial Videos

Learn Photo Editing Tricks & Say Goodbye to Plain Shots!

PhotoDirector 4 Intro Video
Import and Organize Photos Faster
Use the New Content-Aware Removal to Remove Unwanted Objects
Create Perfect Portraits with People Beautifier Tools
Create Dramatic Effects in Your Photos Using Unlimited Presets
Apply Global and Regional Adjustments to Your Photos