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 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY   S4LEbrate and Enjoy Great Deals Sitewide up to 70% OFF

U Messenger - Photo Chat

Ur messages, Ur moments, Ur way.

Not Your Average Free Messenger:
Connect with Friends through Photos, Videos, Voice, Text and Stickers

A completely new way to send messages, photos, videos, and stickers with friends. Your photos are always there for you to access them, and you have full control over what to keep and what to delete.

Make and receive Voice calls with all your U friends. Don't worry if you can't answer right away, with a tap of your screen you can send a personalized U Message to let your friends know you'll call them back!

UForm group chats for your different circles of friends: classmates, family members, co-workers, and best friends.

UEasily invite and connect with your friends via SMS, email, U user ID or QR code.

Group Messaging without Limits

Forums are perfect for clubs, teams and workplaces. Send bulletins to your group Forums to help coordinate, organize and keep in touch with all members of your group.

Unlike other messengers, there’s no limit to the size of group you create! U is your space for group discussions big or small, with messages only visible to those inside the group.

Polls allow you to create even more interactive Group Chats. You can collect opinions from members, create surveys or even organize a group lunch all with U Messenger.

Engage Friends with Photo Chats

Unique Photo Chats let you and your friends share text or voice comments directly on your photos. All comments stay with the photos forever.

UCreate group albums after going out with friends or traveling. Gather photos from all of your friends in one group album to view life’s best moments from all angles.

Bring Your Conversations to Life with Voice

U Voice messaging lets you instantly communicate with individual friends or groups by sending a voice recording.

Audio Photos bring your images to life with your own voice. Comment on photos instantly by telling a short story, a joke, or singing a song.

Create Personal Photo Journals

Collect photos in your U Albums that automatically archive your memories in the cloud for you to access anytime.

Create Photo Journals by adding personal notes to photos in your albums. Remember all the details of your best photo moments.

Start a Selfie Diary as U automatically archives your photos taken with YouCam Perfect. Enjoy unlimited photo storage.

Take Back Control: Recall & Break Up

URecall messages, photos, videos, and stickers that you’ve sent and remove them from the recipient’s device even after they’ve been read.

Break Up lets you delete your full history with a friend by taking back all content including messages, photos, and videos. This removes all content from their device and deletes them from your friend’s list and theirs.

Choose How You Message with Self-Destruct & Delay Send

USelf-Destruct messages that are private or sensitive. Set the timer for text messages, voice messages, Audio Photos , or stickers to disappear in as little as 3 seconds or as long as 7 days.

Delay Send lets you schedule text messages, voice messages, photos, and stickers to be sent at your specified time and date. Never forget birthdays or other important moments with your personal assistant.

This feature is currently only available on the mobile app version. Coming soon to Windows PC version!

Access Photos & Albums as Far Back as Day 1

Access all of your U photos and albums anytime in your digital archive, available in the cloud when you want them.

Revisit personal or collaborative photo journals with commentary to relive the memories of those moments as if they happened just yesterday.