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YouCam Snap

Scan and digitize your photos, notes, presentation and more!!

YouCam Snap

Scan and digitize your photos, notes, presentation and more!!

YouCam Snap at Work

Capture important presentation or meeting minutes
There's no need to carry pens, paper or laptops to meetings. With YouCam Snap on you phone, you can capture everything you need to remember.

1 When there's slide or picture you need to remember, just take out your phone and take a picture from wherever you're sitting.

2 Once the meeting is finished, just load all the images into YouCam Snap, use the app to automatically correct skew issues and enhance the photos so they are clear.

3Before you're even back at your desk, you can combine & save the images into one PDF file, and share them will all your colleagues by email, giving you time to get ready for the next meeting!

YouCam Snap at School

Capture notes and answers with ease
You're researching for your assignment, but you don't have time to read all the articles now. With YouCam Snap and your phone you can take them home with you.

1 You see a useful article in the newspaper at the library, but you have no time to read it properly. Just open YouCam Snap, take the shot and let the app do the rest.

2 YouCam Snap will automatically fix the angle of your picture, fix the image so that it is clear and easy to read, then let you save and organize them.

3 If you're working in a group, you can combine multiple images into one PDF, and then share it by email, Facebook or Google Drive with your classmates.

YouCam Snap for Family

Digitize your old family photos without scanning
Preserve those precious, old family pictures forever without needing to use a scanner. With YouCam Snap your phone turns into a portable image scanner.

1 When you move house, you invariably find little hidden treasures. Like a bundle of old family photos from when you were just a toddler, tucked away at the bottom of a draw.

2 Using YouCam Snap you can preserve these pictures in a matter of minutes. Just lay them out, take a picture of each, and let the app do the rest.

3 Your photos will come out straight and clear, and you can save them all to either PDF or JPEG, then share them with your family via email. Best of all, you'll never need to worry about losing them again!

YouCam Snap for Fun

Capture a poster of an upcoming concert or event
You're in a hurry when you see a poster of your favorite band coming to town. YouCam Snap it quickly and get to where you're going fast.

1 You notice your favourite band is coming to town, but you've got to get somewhere fast. Take out your phone and take a picture of the poster, so that you don't forget.

2 While your on your way to another place, you can use YouCam Snap to adjust the image so that it's readable and straight.

3 You can save the fixed image as a JPEG and post it on your Facebook wall for all your friends to see!

YouCam Snap On-the-Go

Capture a metro map or train schedule
It's always a little daunting when you're in a foreign country and not sure where you are. With YouCam Snap you can take any map with you.

1 It's your first day in a new city, and you're on your way to your hotel. You see a metro map, and quickly take a picture of it so you can study it later.

2 You reach your hotel, and check-in. You try to look at the picture, but because of the angle it's hard to read. Just load it into YouCam Snap, and deskew it then let the app automatically enhance it.

3 Now that you can read it clearly, you save it to a JPEG and it's there on your phone for you to see anytime during your trip.