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Using MultiCam Designer to Edit Multi-Angle shots

CyberLink PowerDirector not only allows you to sync multiple videos shot at same time in the MultiCam Designer, but also can automatically synchronize multiple clips on the timeline with the Sync by Audio feature.

Synchronizing audio on the timeline

If you have multiple video clips and you are not sure if they were shot at the same time, you can drag them into the timeline to find out.

1. Drag multiple video clips into the timeline, and then click the button.

2. Now you can see that the first video clip was shot at a different time than the other four, while video clips on track 2 & 3 were shot by 2 cameras at the same time, and same for cilps on track 4 & 5.


When using sync by Audio, PowerDirector will align the clips by their recorded audio tracks. This assumes that video recorded at the same time from different cameras will record audio with the same sound patterns.

3. Click on to the left of editing track 1 to lock both the video and audio tracks.

Extra information:

Click on again to unlock the tracks.

Synchronizing with MultiCam Designer

Now that you have four video clips that were shot at the same time, you can import them into the MultiCam Designer and edit them into one video.

1. Move the timeline slider to the very end of the video clips, click above the media library and then select MultiCam Designer.

2. Click Cancel. (You don't need to re-import the video clips because they're already in the media library.)

3. Click Import Video > Import From Media Room.

4. Select the four video clips from before, and then click OK.

5. Select Audio Analysis from the Synchronization drop-down, and then click Apply.

6. The MultiCam Designer is analyzing the video clips.

7. Now the video clips are in sync and you can see the overlapping parts.

Recording preferred scenes.

1. Move the timeline slider to where you want to start recording, and then click .

2. Click on the desired camera preview to change the source video that is recorded into your video.

3. You can watch all the videos in the video source preview windows, and then click on the one you want to switch to and record the desired content.

Extra information

Clicking on the video source preview window will change what is being recorded.

4. Click on to stop recording.

Changing the recorded content

1. In the recording content track, right click on the number of the video segment you want to change, and then select another camera.

2. Move the timeline slider to where you want to split the video, and then click Split.

3. Right click on one of the split clips and then select another camera number to change the clip.

4. When you're done, click OK.

5. The MultiCam editing is complete.

6. Select the original four video clips, and then click above the timeline.

7. Select Remove, Fill Gap, and Move All Clips.

8. Move the video created by the MultiCam Designer to the end of the first video clip.

9. The editing is complete.

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