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Power of Dance: Power to Create

Mauro Sacchi's bold rhythmic movement to the music is not just an ordinary performance but a startlingly powerful expression of his passion for the performing arts. His commanding choreography is even more stunning and pulsating from all angles, as amplified by PowerDirector's power to create.

PowerDirector Commercial - See the detailed timeline and effects on DirectorZone.

Dance Passion Turns into Profession

Growing up in Italy, Mauro developed his interest in the human body and in its movements in general that he studied theater and performing arts a very young age. "I was into theater and sports since I was young and dance struck me as a natural development in my life path and career, as it unites two of my main interests [in body, and performance] in an artistic whole," says Mauro.

Mauro Sacchi

Image credit : RoHsuan Chen

Mauro's early stage for his performance was rather unusual, the basketball court. After graduating from high school in Italy, Mauro went to university in the US, at Ripon College, in Wisconsin, studying English Literature and Sports Medicine. He then played basketball professionally until the age of 25. "I guess in a way I was already "dancing", albeit my stage was a basketball court," he explains.

At the age of 26 while working at a university in Colorado, Mauro took his first dance class, in a technique called Contact Improvisation. Since then, he brought the passion for performance and theater together with the dance training, and made a career for himself as an artist/performer, especially since arriving in Taiwan in 2006.

Image credit : RoHsuan Chen

"It is sort of crazy that I started dancing at 26, which is the age when most dancers begin retiring, or finding different career paths. But, despite the difficulties and the soreness/pain that accompany my body daily, I find beauty in the practice. It's a very personal form of self discovery. It requires a lot of discipline and daily commitment," Mauro notes.

"It's not something that [at an artistically and at a high level] one can really do during spare time. I like this kind of challenge. Even though it feels like madness, sometimes, to try and do it," he notes further.

The Making of Power to Dance Commercial

Transforming Mauro's dance into even more captivating and commanding video performance, CyberLink creative team sets up four different cameras to simultaneously capture his graceful movement and expression to the music.

Another camera is also set up to capture thousands of photos for the commercial's opening scene in timelapse footage. We have a separate tutorial for creating timelapse videos in our Adventure in Tokyo feature story.

After capturing all the needed footage, the video clips are then imported and processed with PowerDirector's in order to create a live camera switching simulation, a technique often used in live television shows during live stage performance.

It's only a matter of minutes to add the final touches especially a color preset to unify the look and feel of the final output. The sound clip from Mauro's performance was then added along with the opening and closing credits.

Using MultiCam Editing

PowerDirector MultiCam Designer

The MultiCam Designer in PowerDirector allows multicam syncing and editing of up to four cameras to simulate a live camera switching. For this commercial, the videos are synchronized by tracking the audio in each of the videos.

This also allows you to be the director of your own live TV show, by picking the best camera angle during live performance. It's as easy as clicking on the camera source while the red record button is on. Even after selecting the video segments, you can still change make some changes within the track.

Why Capture Dance in Many Angles

PowerDirector MultiCam Designer

Despite the fact that dance and movement are part of the everything that makes us human and historically and evolutionarily important expressions of culture, community sexuality and personality, Mauro notes that the audience for theatrical dance especially in our digital world is still very small.

It is then Mauro's desire that this form of art is captured and shared. His ultimate goal is to move people with his powerful expression. "Even if just one person feels something while watching my performance, I can really say I've done well," Mauro explains.

"And sometimes doing well isn't even about the result of performance: sometimes the preparation, the daily work in and of itself is both the challenge and the reward… I think it is more important than ever now to dance to move to be in our bodies and rediscover the physicality that makes us all human," Mauro further says.

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