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Fun and Video Games with PowerDirector

YouTube channels dedicated entirely to PC & console gaming are surging in popularity. No longer targeting just computer nerds, gaming channels now make up 16 of the top 100 subscribed channels on YouTube. The most popular YouTube channel in the world at the time of this writing is a gaming channel with over 30 million subscribers (For reference, Shakira's channel has 5.5 million subscribers). It may be surprising that these new content creators have achieved celebrity status just by playing and commenting on computer games, but gaming has moved firmly into the mainstream as people spend time to watch as well as play.

The game Minecraft lends itself to all kinds of cool creations

An up-and-coming gaming channel is run Matt Boyles, who goes by the screen name "TrueTriz." With over 170,000 subscribers and 25 million views, the TrueTriz channel is notable for the youth and energy of its creator. Matt works hard to deliver gameplay and commentary to his enthusiastic fan base, and has found that PowerDirector is the optimal software solution for editing and rendering his videos.

Matt says his passion for creating videos started at a young age. When he was in elementary school, he started creating his own movies using what was available to him- VHS equipment. But he quickly found that editing on that platform was "ridiculously impossible." With the arrival of the PC era and the video editing capabilities that came with it, Matt soon found it much easier and faster to engage in his favorite hobby.

The ability to create, share and comment on entire worlds has brought a new level of interaction to the online gaming scene

Using the Right Tools for Video Creation

According to Matt, the one of the biggest problems in making gaming videos is getting the audio synchronized correctly. "A lot of people hate it when they watch game play with delayed audio." Matt says, and goes on to emphasize the importance of synched audio when working with voices recorded on Skype or during the game. Sound quality is also especially important to the overall video quality, and AudioDirector provides the broad editing and arranging functions required to make audio perfectly complement the project visuals.

Matt's favorite part of working with PowerDirector is SVRT technology. It allows him to render videos "super quickly, without stressing my computer."

SVRT- Putting the Power in PowerDirector

Matt describes PowerDirector's SVRT (Smart Video Rendering Technology) as one of the greatest time-saving tools he has at his disposal. "If your computer is not that good, it might take a couple of hours to render a video," he says. "PowerDirector allows you to render videos super fast. As a Youtuber and as a gamer in general, we don't like to wait. With SVRT, I can render a twenty-minute video in just two minutes, where the same video would take around 17 minutes using other software."

Bringing out the Best in Your Video Channel

To make a great gaming video, Matt suggests that all of the scene transitions should be as smooth and as visually appealing as possible. The Transition Designer in PowerDirector 13 provides studio quality transition effects for a wide range of editing situations. Matt also emphasizes the importance of color. The right use of color will cause videos to stand out from other videos in the same category, so he suggests learning how to use a color grading application such as ColorDirector to really make a video stand out from the crowd.

Tips for New Creators

Matt has a couple of tips for anyone one who wants to get into gaming videos, Vlogs, or short films. His first instruction is: Don't give up. "Your first film will not be your best film" Matt says, "People call me a professional video maker or whatever, but even now I am still learning." For those just starting out, PowerDirector's Theme Designer provides a huge collection of polished and professional-looking effects, that you can quickly pick up and utilize with almost no learning curve at all.

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