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Action Camera Center in PowerDirector 14 – Part 2: Editing & Adding Effects

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The second module in PowerDirector 14’s Action Camera Center is the “Effect” module, which includes all the frequently used editing features for action sports videos:

Replay – set replay and reverse effects for an assigned duration, which can be used for highlighting important shots

Speed – control video speed to achieve fast forward and slow motion effects. The Ease In/Out effect makes the change in video speed smoother

Freeze Frame – create a freeze frame in video with zoom-in effect

There are 2 different keyframe behaviors in the Action Camera Center:

Time Shift – a specific duration in your footage, which is used to control the Replay and Speed effect.

Freeze Frame – a specific frame (still image) in the footage, used to control the Freeze Frame effect.

Control Replay and Speed

To control Replay and Speed, first thing you need to do is set Time Shift duration in the Action Camera Center.

Creating Time Shift

1. Move the timeline mark to the place you want to start time shift and click on .

2. To adjust the length of the time shift, click on one side of the time shift area and extend or trim it.

Control Speed

1. Tick “Apply speed effect

2. There are 2 different ways to control video speed, by Duration or by Speed multiplier.

3. A speed multiplier ‘s number greater than 1 means faster speed/fast forward. For example, if we set the multiplier to 10, the video will fast forward at 10 times original speed.

4. A multiplier number less than 1 means slow motion. For example, 0.25 means the video will play at 1/4 speed.

5. Ease In/Out means the speed change is put into effect gradually at the beginning (ease in) and end (ease out).

In this demo, we are setting the first part (camera pan) of video at 10x speed, and second part (skater jump) at 0.25x speed.

Control Replay and Reverse

1. Move the timeline mark to the place you want to start time shift and click on .

2. Tick “Apply Replay and Reverse.” If we want the bridging segment to repeat twice, set Repeat times to 2. To reverse the video between each replay, tick “Add reverse effect”.

3. Meanwhile, you can apply a speed effect in the same time shift. If we want to repeat the bridging segment a third time at 0.25x speed, tick “Apply speed effect,” set the multiplier to 0.25, and apply effect to Last Play.

Add Freeze Frame

Freeze frame is usually used to highlight a specific frame in your video, sometimes with a zoom in effect.

1. Move the timeline mark to the place you want to add Freeze Frame effect and click on .

2. Set the duration of the Freeze Frame

3. If you wish to add a zoom effect, tick the “Apply zoom effect” and resize/reposition to the area on your photo you want to zoom and focus on

4. When everything is done, click on OK to bring back the object to your timeline.

Now let’s take a look at the edited video.

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