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NewBlue Video Essentials II

NewBlue Video Essentials II delivers a powerful and simple way to create a vignette, swap specific colors in a scene, tell a better story with picture-in-picture effects and produce a depth of field look with easy to use video editing plugins. This top-selling set of 10 plugins featuring over 100 presets will give you the tools you need to correct lens distortion, reduce noise and solve numerous frustrating problems. NewBlue Video Essentials II is a must-have for every video editor.

SET INCLUDES: Chroma Key, Color EQ, Color Swap, Lens Correction, Letterbox, Noise Reducer, Picture-In-Picture, Rack Focus, Shadows and Highlights, Vignette.


Chroma Key

Color EQ

Color Swap

Lens Correction


Noise Reducer


Rack Focus

Shadows and Highlights