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Creative Design Packs

Stylish Templates for Video Projects

Have your holiday videos perfectly capture the spirit of the season with delightfully festive effects, and fast Express Project templates.

$ 49.99

Add a holiday touch to your videos with splendid seasonal effects. Easily create Christmas video greetings with new Express Projects.

$ 49.99

Let the season’s joy shine brightly in your holiday videos with this collection of charming titles, PiP objects, and particle templates.

$ 29.99

Give your video chats and greetings a seasonal sparkle with this collection of enchanting PiP objects and particle templates.

(For YouCam 5 and above, YouCam Mobile)

$ 24.99

A collection of specially-produced templates and effects that will surely add sparkle to your holiday videos.

(For PowerDirector 12 and above)

$ 49.99

A collection of specially-produced PiP objects and particle effects that will surely add sparkle to your holiday video recording and IM Chatting.
(For YouCam 6, YouCam 5, YouCam Mobile)

$ 24.99

This collection of unique festive designs is the must-have add-on for your holiday videos.
(For PowerDirector 11 and above, PowerDirector Mobile)

$ 49.99

Add to the built-in objects and effects with this huge pack of designs that you can apply to your footage in real-time!
(For YouCam 5, YouCam Mobile)

$ 24.99

Create amazing Holiday Movies in Minutes with Holiday Magic Style pack!
(For PowerDirector 10/11/12)

$ 39.99

This holiday create awesome home videos with this new collection of six DVD menu templates.
(For PowerDirector 8/9/10/11/12, PowerProducer 6)

$ 29.95

For any holiday season, embellish home videos with dreams of snow, gingerbread men, and more animated templates.
(For PowerDirector 7/8/9/10/11/12 and PowerProducer 6)

$ 29.95

Get ready for the holidays with this superb collection of five 3D menu templates.
(For PowerDirector 7, PowerProducer 5 and DVD Suite 7)

$ 24.95

Send a special holiday greetings to your friends and family. Create Augmented Reality Holiday greetings captured live from your webcams using YouCam.
(For YouCam 4/5 users)

$ 14.95