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PC Welt, Germany

"MediaShow 6 convinced in the test with good features for image management and presentation." PC Welt, Germany, 7/2012

PC Welt, Germany

"With CyberLink MediaShow 5 people receive a nice all-round package which is suitable above all for beginners. The innovative face recognition works very well." PC Welt, Germany, 2010

CHIP, Germany

"A lot of automatisms, well performance- commendable software for first-time users." CHIP, Germany, 2010

WebUser, United Kingdom

“Ultimately, it’s the interface and the face-tagging element that really make this software worth the asking price. Free software, such as Picasa is a viable organizing alternative but it doesn’t have the bells and whistles offered here.” WebUser, October 2009.

TK Arena, USA

"Working with photos and manipulating them is fun and the liquid 3D interface is a pleasure to work with." TK Arena, November 2008

PC Answers, UK

"MediaShow is the ticket to making it look like the video cost hundreds of pounds to make"PC Answers, UK, Jun 2008

PCAnswers Recommended Award, United Kingdom

"Overall, this is a powerful app with a professional feel and comes highly recommended." PCAnswers, June 2008.

WebUser, United Kingdom

"If you've ever sat down with something like Picasa and wished it was just that little bit more powerful, MediaShow could well fullfil your requirements." WebUser, April 2008.


"we were greatly impressed." UK. Mar 2008


"Cyberlink is definitely doing a great job and keeps getting better and better with its software.",UK.Mar 2008