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Introducing CyberLink Director Family

MediaShow 6

Manage Your Photos & Videos Effortlessly and Express Yourself

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MediaShow 6 

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MediaShow 6 introduces a host of new features that make working with your photos and videos easier than ever before. The enhanced Media Library features exciting new functions that help with sorting, searching and browsing media, and the 2nd generation FaceMe™ engine locates faces within your photo collection with even more accuracy. Best of all, there's full support for 3D technology so you can import, sort, enhance and enjoy all your 3D photos and videos!

Better, Faster Media Organization

Calendar View - Your Media Timeline

By using the timecode stamped into all digital media, MediaShow automatically organizes your photos and videos in a calendar by the date it was shot.

Just click on a date to see all the footage you shot that day!


Quickly Skim Your Folder Content with Instant View

Save tons of time searching for a particular photo by previewing all the media in your folders at a glance, without having to open the folder.

You can even do smarter searches by selecting a photo in your settings to represent an album. Got a photo that really captures the theme of the album? Set it as your album cover to make future searches for the set easier.

Touch Optimized Experience

Perfect for new touch-enabled displays, MediaShow's new interface is designed for ease with finger gestures and features touch-friendly features like drag 'n' drop that lets you touch a photo or video and drag it to any of the items in the Media Library bar to activate the feature you want.

The less clicks to do what you want, the more time to enjoy your media!

More Accurate Face Tagging

MediaShow 6 introduces the 2nd generation FaceMe™ for incredibly accurate facial recognition. Face tagging for individuals and groups has been revamped to detect faces better than ever.

Stay Updated with Facebook Friends!

Facebook Embedded For Your Convenience

Chances are, you know someone who's on Facebook—it's the go-to place to keep up with what's happening with friends and family, usually through photos.

MediaShow 6 takes the Facebook photo browsing experience to another level with The new Facebook tab in the Media Library. View all your Facebook friends’ photo albums in one place without having to click on friends' profiles and waiting for pages to load--now all your friends’ photos are a single click away.



Everything in 3D!

Playback All Your 3D Photos & Videos

MediaShow 6 supports 3D photos and videos in the popular MPO format used by most 3D cameras, camcorders and phones.

You won't need to hassle with separate software to play back your 3D content on your PC because MediaShow lets you do it all. Import, organize, fix and share your 3D photos and videos just like you do with your 2D content.

Got a 3D display device? MediaShow can automatically detect it for you--or You can select Anaglyph Red/Cyan Mode and use anaglyphic glasses to watch in dynamic 3D.


Convert Your 2D Media to 3D!

For a whole new way of enjoying your media, use TrueTheater™ 3D to convert any 2D photos or videos to exciting 3D!

Play back your old videos in 3D to watch them like never before or convert and upload your videos to YouTube in 3D.

A handy slider lets you adjust the 3D depth to the intensity you want.

A New Dimension in Sharing!

So many ways to share your 3D media with friends and family with MediaShow:

  • Upload it to YouTube in 3D
  • Produce a 3D movie
  • Burn it to 3D DVD or Blu-ray Disc