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MediaShow is packed with powerful, yet easy to use features that can help you get the most out of your photos and videos, no matter what the occasion. Read on to see why MediaShow is right for you…


On her 1st birthday!

Everyone wants to capture and treasure life’s best moments. A child’s first birthday is an event you want to preserve to look back on and share with friends and family.

Once you’ve captured your shots, import your photos into MediaShow. You can quickly and easily sort them into an album or sub-folders. Calendar View also offers an easy way to find your photos later; just click on your child’s birthday and you’ll be able to see all the photos imported to MediaShow that day.

A great way to celebrate your child’s first year is to make a slideshow of some of the pics you’ve taken since she was born. Just drag and drop the photos you want to use into the media tray, select the slideshow template you want to use and MediaShow will deliver a fantastic looking slideshow. You can even choose the background music if you like.

To share with people who couldn’t be there, you can burn the entire album (or just selected snaps) to disc so you can mail off the memories or hand them out at the next family gathering.

For the perfect dinner party

Some of the best photos you’ll ever take are from gatherings with good friends in relaxed surroundings.

Import the photos from your dinner party into MediaShow and use FaceMe™ face recognition to tag everyone – it makes trying to locate a specific snap later so much easier (and a lot easier to remember the names of new people you’ve just met that night!).

One of the problems with indoor shots at night can be the lighting. Photos are often too dark. With MediaShow you can use one-click lighting adjustment to correct overly dark photos. And to save a lot of time, you can apply the fix to all your photos in one batch.

These days, the quickest way to share photos with friends is by uploading them to Facebook. MediaShow makes the process even quicker by helping you to post your pre-tagged snaps to Facebook directly from the software interface. You can do your sorting, tagging, editing and sharing all in the one place.

For keeping track of the grandkids

For those not active on social media websites, keeping up-to-date with friends and family is often dependent on expensive phone calls and a few emailed photos here and there.

MediaShow can be set to monitor folders located on free online storage repositories like Dropbox. MediaShow will automatically update as new photos or videos are placed into the online storage site. Just open MediaShow to check whether the kids or grandkids have dropped anything new in there – super quick and easy and no need to navigate confusing websites.

And if there’s a certain photo you particularly like, MediaShow can print it out for you so you can hang it up around the house.

For reliving the kite boarding weekend

Any weekend away with friends to indulge in some adventure sports inevitably results in a ton of photos and videos by the time the trip’s over.

MediaShow solves the problem by offering instant sorting and creative solutions to deal with the mountain of media! Import all your weekend’s photos and videos and sort them by whatever category makes sense to you: day, activity, people or tags.

One they’re sorted use MediaShow to create slideshows from your photos and movies from your videos in just a few minutes. You can set the style (there’s an “Extreme Sports” template that might be a good option here!) and the background music.

Once you’re done, share your creations with your friends by uploading it directly to your YouTube or Flickr account. And now that MediaShow supports 3D photos and videos you can even convert your media to 3D and upload it to YouTube 3D for an added dimension to your trip.

For even friendlier Facebook

These days almost everyone is on Facebook. Keeping up with all the new photos and videos your friends upload can be very time consuming.

Clicking on the Facebook tab in the Media Library lets you see all your Facebook friends’ photo albums in one place. No more clicking on friends, waiting for the page to load, then navigating to their photo page. Now all your friends’ photos are a single click away.

And if there are a bunch of Facebook photos you want to keep, you can use MediaShow to download them as a batch for even more time saving.

Perhaps the most time consuming aspect of uploading photos to Facebook is having to painstakingly tag all your friends in them. MediaShow’s FaceMe™ technology is highly accurate at recognizing faces in your photos and automatically tagging them for you. You can then upload the pre-tagged photos to Facebook right from MediaShow.

Dan Fraser, Canada
Technology and Communications Technical Analyst

One-click fixes, photo slideshow, face tagging, uploading to Facebook and express video conversion, are just some of the convenient features available for organizing and sharing your photos and videos. Which is important to any hobbyist or semi-professional photographer or videographer; if like me you have thousands of photographs and video footage.

James C Chavez, USA
OnDemand video trainer and consultant

MediaShow is a way to easily convert my videos, burn them to disc, and make combinations of them for later use.

Robert S. Blacher, USA
Independent financial manager

I am not the world’s best photographer, so editing (correcting) my photos is an important issue for me… MediaShow will help you organize your photo collection, tag faces, simple editing, build slideshows and share on social media.

Alan Smith, Australia

I run a private film study group in my private cinema and I am using old Glass Cinema slides, film clips, ads, trailers etc in my programmes which require cleaning up before I can present them to my group. I use MediaShow to put together slide & video shows quickly & easily.

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