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PhotoDirector 365

Turn Photos Into Art.

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PhotoDirector 365: Best Photo Editing Software

Extraordinary Tools, Extraordinarily Easy to Use

Get true-to-life image retouching and go beyond. With PhotoDirector’s incredible range of fully guided editing tools, you can polish your images to perfection and create stunning surreal works of art.

man standing in front of a landscape with 3 different sky applied to the photo
  • NEW
    AI Powered

    Drastically alter the sky in your snaps.

    AI Sky Replacement allows you to enhance or totally alter the sky in your snaps. Animate, blend, position, relight and re-align. The sky is the limit.

woman on a skateboard with a glitch effect applied to the photo
  • Distort reality with Glitch art.

    Discover hidden beauty in your images by splitting and combining color layers with the Glitch Art effect.

american football player dissolving into particles
  • Break from the norm with the Dispersion Effect.

    Distort, rearrange, or disintegrate every particle of your image.

animated photo of a wave behind a surfer
  • Bring your photos to life.

    A picture says a thousand words. Animate them and say a thousand more.

image composition showcasing the sparkle effect feature
  • NEW

    Let your photos sparkle

    Sparkle Effects automatically detects a light source in your snaps and enhances it with individual, fully customizable and animated sparks of light.

photo composition of newly wedded couple with two type of light ray effect applied
  • NEW

    Enrich pictures with incredible Light Rays.

    Render the perfect night scene with light rays. Create illuminated cityscapes and soften shots rich with natural sunlight.

Play with color. Manipulate objects. Twist reality.

Get playful with the size and color of objects in your images – or remove them completely. Select, transform, distort, duplicate, remove – the sky’s the limit and you’re in control.

background color shifting behind a skateboarder to showcase the color replacement feature
hot air balloon copied and paste on the left side of the photo to showcase the clone feature
photos of wooman standing on the beach before and after background object removal feature

Total Image Transformations, Layer by Layer

Craft and compile the finest details of your image with powerful, precise, and intuitive layer-editing tools.

silhouette of a man with a guitar blended with a cityscape photo
  • Create seamless blends.

    Dive into the rich world of creative blending. Produce compositions of unmatched variety with our huge range of distinctive blending modes.

photo of a woman with half of the background removed
  • NEW
    AI Powered

    Mask people perfectly with AI.

    Precisely mask the outline of people in your images. Quickly achieve flawless silhouettes of objects, or remove objects seamlessly, leaving backgrounds untouched.

screenshot of PhotoDirector edit by history interface
  • NEW

    Rewind to the perfect edit.

    Create without fear of mistakes. Quickly switch between any layer edit you’ve ever made to find the perfect look.

isometric view of 2 black and one white square stack on top of each other

    Layer Filtering

black rectangle with 3 white lines aligned to the center and a mouse pointer on top

    One-click align

black rectangle with 3 white lines aligned to the left and a mouse pointer on top

    One-click distribute

isometric view of 3 black squares stack on top of each other with a folder icon on the bottom left

    Group Layers

a white rectangle with a black stylized moon, mountain and stars inside

    Snap layers to alignment

Maximize with Subscription Exclusives

PhotoDirector 365 subscription gives you unlimited access to world-leading stock catalogs, design packs, and music.

images composition showcasing the shutterstock library
  • Royalty-free stock library powered by Shutterstock®

    Complete your photo projects with unlimited access to Shutterstock’s world-leading image and music catalogs. Get all of the content you need to create your masterpiece accessible from right inside the app.

images composition with different LUTs applied to each of the photos
  • Find your style with LUTs packs.

    Bring trendy and stylish color palettes to your images in a click with our professionally designed LUTs packs.

images composition showcasing the express layer templates
  • Create complex images, minus the complexity.

    Our professionally designed Express Layer templates are a super easy way to put together stunning images instantly. They’re also a great way to learn how to combine layers to achieve distinctive styles.

over-shoulder view of a user's computer with PhotoDirector interface displayed on it
  • Make incredible slideshows with CyberLink background music tracks.

    Always find the perfect soundtrack for your slideshows from our ever-growing library of professionally-composed background music tracks.

Create Art, Intelligently

Leave it to AI to fix the routine tasks and imperfections. Spend less time worrying about shooting the perfect shot and more time crafting the perfect photo.

photos of kids playing, one before deblur and one after deblur being applied
  • AI Powered

    The power to fix blurry shots.

    Blurry images are a thing of the past with intelligent deblur. Perfect for fixing up photos of fast-paced sports, children, or pets, or shots taken on the move.

cityscape photo before and after dehaze applied
  • Crystal clear images. Every time.

    Remove haze, fog and smog to reveal crisp, clear landscapes with the intuitive Dehaze slider. Use Defringe to keep photos razor-sharp.

urban photo with four different ai styles applied
  • AI Powered

    Transform images with AI Styles.

    We've trained our AI Style Engine to analyze images in detail and identify different aspects of each shot. The engine intelligently applies brushstrokes that make your pictures look like they were designed and painted by a master artist.

photo of three women with blue square around their face to showcase facial recognition
  • AI Powered

    Photo Management with Facial Recognition.

    Painlessly manage large photo collections with our AI facial recognition solution, powered by CyberLink’s FaceMe™ engine. Tag a face in one photo, and it will be automatically detected & tagged in all existing and future shots.

We Support All Professional File Formats

names in blue squares of all pro formats supported: CR3, NEF, ARW, SRW, RAF, RAW

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