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Do more, faster with customizable templates.

Save Time With Thousands of Customizable Video Intros

Discover and create attention-grabbing video intros alongside our community of creatives.

Simple Tools, Powerful Effects

Mask Designer

Remove unwanted objects, or composite clips together.

  • Custom Masks
  • Image Masks
  • Text Masks

Title Designer

Choose from drag-and-drop presets or get creative with an array of gradient, border, and shadow tools.

  • Motion Graphics
  • Sound Effects
  • Blending Modes
  • Special Effects

PiP Designer

Use animated stickers, shapes, and callouts to grab your viewers’ attention.

  • In/Out Animations
  • Animated Stickers and Graphics
  • Custom Shapes and Callouts

AI Motion Tracking

Add text or graphics that automatically follow the motion of any object.

Try AI Motion Tracking

AI Sky Replacement

From blissful blue skies to dramatic sunsets, don’t let bad weather ruin your perfect shot.

Try AI Sky Replacement

AI Object Detection

Instantaneously create masks with automatic object selection for cars, people, pets, and more.

Try AI Object Detection

Redefine Your Reality With

Green Screen Effects

Chroma Key

Create Spectacular Videos With
Stock Media
Animated Titles Transitions Stickers 8,000,000+
Stock Media

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Your Footage, Your Way

Position, scale, and rotate objects to create custom animations.

Mix, master, and automatically fit music to the length of clips.

Make one-click corrections, harmonize colors, and sharpen focus with superior controls.

Apply preset lens corrections to remove fisheye distortion, change video speed, and stabilize unwanted camera shake in just a few clicks.

Convert voices to text automatically for videos of any length with a single click. Easily adjust the pace, fonts, colors, and text placement for perfect closed captioning.


Don YouTuber

As a 365 subscriber, I really appreciate these new features and the stock footage! I use stock footage to spice up my videos all the time!

If you want to do everything that’s possible with video but don’t want to learn a complex editing system, then PowerDirector is for you.

Brandon Video Enthusiast

I love PowerDirector because I get tons of free templates which helps a lot since I’m just getting into editing. The new releases and regular updates always keep my content fresh!

The best video editing software for Windows and Mac users.

Caroline Marketing Specialist

The best video editor for the price! Don’t waste your time and money on others. This one has it all plus more!

PowerDirector is a program that’s suitable for both novices and experienced editors, offering all of the tools you’ll need to fine tune your footage at a fairly reasonable price.

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