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SoftDMA 2 



Delivering More Ways to Play and Enjoy your Digital Media

SoftDMA 2 is a DLNA 1.5 certified Digital Media Player (DMP) enabling the streaming and downloading of digital media across a DLNA network. SoftDMA automatically locates content from a media server on your network, making it easy to access and play high definition video, music, photos and recorded TV programs. Play Watch video intro

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Remote Display Capability NEW

DLNA software turns your PC into a DLNA player

Download Digital Media - With DLNA software SoftDMA 2, you can download digital media, including photos, videos, music and recorded TV programs from your home network to your local hard drive and enjoy playback on the go!


No wires or USB devices – Easily download digital content from your media server then enjoy playback anytime, anywhere.


Digital Media Controller (DMC) - Sit back and relax as your smart device acts as a DMC making a request to play content via a media server. Media can then be transferred to SoftDMA installed on your PC using your smart device to control playback.


Digital Media Receiver (DMR) - SoftDMA works as a DMR, making your PC a network display device as it renders playback content sent from other home devices.

DLNA Certified Media Player


DTCP-IP Support

DLNA player that is certified DLNA software ensuring compatibility with your digital devices   DLNA software that's a home network player doubling as a DTCP-IP player

See More, Do More - SoftDMA 2 is DLNA 1.5 certified, making it compatible with a broad range of digital devices. The latest hybrid TVs, home theater systems, audio systems or any other media server that is certified to the DLNA specifications for home networking work with SoftDMA streaming software.


More Flexibility - SoftDMA support for DTCP-IP means audio/video entertainment content, such as a recorded TV program, that is encrypted to protect it from illegal copying or interception as it traverses IP-based home networks can be accessed and viewed.