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YouCam 8

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YouCam 8

The Complete Webcam Solution

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The Complete Webcam Software Solution

Take full advantage of your webcam with the functionality of a complete live video studio. Our webcam software, YouCam, integrates seamlessly into your favorite video chat apps like Skype & U, as well as Facebook & YouTube Live broadcasting services. Apply webcam effects like real-time skin enhancements to ensure that you always look great online or use one of over 200 fun effects for video chats and recordings. With an array of offline video and photo editing and correction tools you'll be ready to transform the way you chat, broadcast, and stream online with YouCam 8.

Look Great in Video Chat & Broadcasts

For Skype, U Meeting, & Google Hangouts Video Chats

YouCam makes you look perfect in every video chat. YouCam works as a plug-in for popular video conference services, including Skype, CyberLink U Meeting, and Google Hangouts.

Best Webcam Plug-in for Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, OBS, XSplit & Wirecast

Apply YouCam features during your live streams and engage more with your community of followers. Plus, enjoy additional presets, settings, and exclusive features while streaming. YouCam works with popular video recording, broadcasting and live-streaming services, such as Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, OBS Studio, XSplit, and Wirecast.

Easy to use video editing software for color grading, color adjusmtent and correction.
  • NEW

    Live Skin Smoothing

    Don’t let bad lighting make you look tired. Whether you're chatting online, or livestreaming on Facebook or YouTube, real-time skin smoothing reduces visible blemishes and wrinkles on your face.

  • NEW

    Launch Effect Filled Chats from YouCam

    You can use your webcam software to launch popular video conferencing applications & broadcasting services: U, Skype, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live & YouTube Live, all with YouCam!

    Start chatting instantly using a huge range of webcam effects, emoticons, particles, frames, scenes and more to liven up your chats and online broadcasts.

  • Live Lighting, Sharpness & Denoise Adjustment

    CyberLink’s proprietary TrueTheater™ technology automatically adjusts lighting, and sharpness. You can also take full control by manually adjusting noise reduction, contrast, and brightness.

  • NEW

    Live Video Color Filters

    YouCam comes with a range of built-in, professionally designed presets for your webcam chats and real-time recordings.

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    PowerDirector 365

    Unlimited Access to Premium Plug-ins, Effects, Music & More
    Turn your livestreams into ready-to-share viral social media content! Edit your recordings with advanced video editing tools, and deliver engaging, captivating content to your followers!

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More Live Webcam Fun

Choose from over 200 fun and exciting effects, animojis, filters, particles, and distortions
to apply to your video chats and video recording projects.

  • Real-time Video Effects

    Choose from over 200 lively effects that can be applied to your video chats and video recording projects, with thousands more available for download on DirectorZone and ready to enhance your webcam software immediately.

  • Frames & Scenes

    Both frames and scenes let you blend the image from your webcam with another image effect. Use them to spice up your video and compose the perfect portrait or profile picture.

  • Particles, Filters, & Distortions

    The many webcam effects available in YouCam include colorful interactive particles, as well as many funhouse-like filter and distortion effects. Redefine your universe with particles filters and distortions.

  • Animojis & Gadgets

    Choose face-tracking accessories that move when you do, and communicate how you really feel with hilarious animojis. They can also be paired with other effects to double the fun!

Cool Pictures & Videos

Capture and enhance your webcam software videos and photos with a range of simple tools.
The ideal way to create the perfect profile picture for Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Get Creative with Photo Editing

    Enhance webcam photos using a range of brush sizes and colors, or try freestyle drawing using your fingers on a touch-screen. Use photo presets to add an artistic touch to your pictures. Rotate and crop webcam photos to extract the best parts.

  • Face Beautification Tools

    When you are editing your webcam pictures, YouCam’s facial recognition technology and suite of beautifying webcam effects and tools allow you to touch up your facial features, removing imperfections and making subtle enhancements.

  • NEW

    Video Trim

    Trim long recordings to remove unwanted sections at the start and/or finish of clips. Alternately you can trim recordings to save as new, short clips that you can post online, or use in larger video editing projects.
    For even more easy-to-use video editing features check out PowerDirector.

  • NEW

    TrueTheater Color & HD

    TrueTheater Color instantly optimizes hues and vibrancy of videos you've recorded, giving your action and family videos a true-to-life appearance.

    TrueTheater HD gives standard definition webcam recordings the look and feel of true high-definition, without jagged edges and distracting video artifacts.

Simple Safety Tools

Use your webcam as an extra home security camera for peace of mind.
Control access to your PC or laptop with Face Login and Face-out.

  • Surveillance Mode

    With YouCam's motion detection technology, your webcam, webcam software, and PC function as a home security system. You can also set up time-lapse recording, and YouCam will take a snapshot at the time interval set by you.

  • Face Login and Face-out

    Your face is the most reliable password. Face Login will remember your passwords, and log you into Windows when you present your face in front of the webcam. For added security, YouCam can lock the PC screen when your face is not in front the webcam.