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Shareholders' Services


Who is CyberLink?

Founded in 1995, CyberLink Corp. is a world leader and pioneer in providing integrated solutions for the Digital Home. The products are categorized into two major lines: Digital Multimedia Solutions and Training Solutions. Digital Multimedia Solutions includes DVD Burning and Creativity Products focused on media creation by advancing the technologies to capture, edit, author and record all types of media; Digital Entertainment products provide high-quality media enjoyment on the PC by perfecting state-of-the-art audio-video technologies. These award-winning software applications are ideal solutions for turning today's mainstream computers into home theaters and digital video centers. The company's Training Solutions include authoring tools for creating training content and training management systems that offer an easy and cost effective way to deliver and manage training programs over corporate intranets or the Internet.

When and where was CyberLink incorporated?

CyberLink was incorporated in Taipei in August 1990 and reincorporated in February 1996.

On which exchange does CyberLink trade and what is its ticker symbol?

CyberLink was listed on the Taiwan Over-the-Counter Market (OTC) from October 11, 2000 to September 26, 2002 under the ticker number 5203.TW. On September 27, 2004, CyberLink became a publicly listed company on Taiwan Stock Exchange, its ticker number stays unchanged.

How can I buy CyberLink stock?

Foreign individuals or institutions without Taiwan residency and registration may still invest in Taiwan Stock Exchange listed stocks by obtaining investment approval from the Taiwan Stock Exchange. For more details, please visit TWSE's website at: http://www.twse.com.tw/en/

What is CyberLink's registered number of outstanding common stock?

As of November, 2016, CyberLink's registered number of oustanding common stock is 96,886,035 (shares), each at a par value of NT$10.

What is CyberLink's fiscal year?

CyberLink follows the normal calendar year, therefore our fiscal year ends December 31.

Who are CyberLink's independent accountants?

CyberLink's independet accountant is PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

Where are the CyberLink's subsidiaries located?

- CyberLink USA (CLU) is located in Fremont California,US
- CyberLink Japan (CLJ) is located in Tokyo, Japan
- CyberLink Europe B.V (CLN) is located in the Netherlands

How can I request more information about CyberLink?

You can visit http://www.cyberlink.com/english/index.jsp for more information.