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Nov. 6, 2000
CyberLink Releases PowerDVD 3.0 Perfecting Personalized Home Cinema on the PC

November 6, 2000----Taipei, Taiwan----Continuing in the acclaimed tradition of its award winning video and audio software applications, CyberLink proudly announced today the release of PowerDVD 3.0. Personal viewing of media-rich DVD contents is greatly enhanced by its impeccable video and audio performance and new easy to use features. Through the use of an enhanced, state-of-the-art MPEG 1& 2 video decoding engine, users get a true to life, sharper video image. Plus, the new Dolby Digital ProLogic decoder delivers the benefits of Dolby Surround technology for those with multi-channel sound cards. Together with its robust hardware integration and compatibility, as well as low CPU consumption, PowerDVD 3.0 delivers video playback performance that rivals any hardware DVD player.

Inspired by the unparalleled popularity of its previous versions, PowerDVD 3.0 is engineered with many quality enhancements not available with other DVD software solutions. With DVD titles offering a multitude of media-rich content and interactive options, viewers have access to a personalized cinematic experience. By offering unique features such as Scene Bookmarking, Screen Snapshot and Dynamic Skin Technology, which allows the user to choose from a variety of graphical interfaces, PowerDVD has solidified its position as one of the most versatile programs in its genre. "The most advanced digital video and audio technology is put in the hands of the user thus allowing for more enjoyable and interactive viewing of DVD titles," says Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink Corporation.

New Features on Version 3.0!

Here is a short synopsis of many exciting enhancements to PowerDVD's already long list of features:

Enhanced MPEG-1 & 2 Video Decoder: CyberLink's proprietary video decoder has been enhanced. Prepare to be dazzled with picture quality that is stronger, more vivid and sharper.

Dolby Digital Certified Audio Decoder: CyberLink's Dolby Certified Decoder produces revolutionary audio playback for 2/4/6 channels and offers a number of audio output selections for maximum DVD enjoyment. PowerDVD has also added a Dolby Prologic Decoder for Dolby Surround titles on multi-channel sound cards.

Dolby Headphone Technology: This latest innovation from Dolby Laboratories allows users to get five speaker surround playback with any pair of standard stereo headphones. Manipulates direct and reflected audio effects for a more natural sound in all three modes, as well as preventing listener fatigue during lengthy viewing.

Digital Zoom: Video can be zoomed at 4x or 9x the normal screen ratio while playback continues smoothly. Once the user is zoomed in they can manual scan across the screen with the simple use of a mouse.

Screen Snapshot: With just one click, users can capture the image on the screen to save to a file or desktop. Great for creating wallpaper or building a collection of images.

AB Repeat Mode: The unique AB Repeat mode replays a section of the DVD title that the user selects by choosing a primary point (A) and a secondary point (B), whereby PowerDVD will continuously replay from point A to B.

Dual Subtitle Effect: This feature provides two subtitles in different languages for DVD titles that support multiple languages. Plus, with the AB Repeat, language learners can go over the dialogue in both the languages displayed.

Tool Bar Navigation: Can drop down from the top of the screen and give the user a conveniently located navigation toolbar.

Bookmark Thumbnails: Easily jump to previously bookmarked scenes with a variety of selection modes, including a user-friendly viewer mode.

Closed Caption Decoder: Enhances DVD viewing, in any region, for those who are hearing impaired.

i-Power Web Enabler: With one click the embedded web browser connects users to the PowerDVD Desktop Portal Page. The new format of i-power provides links to up-to-date news, databases and other DVD related sites. DVD and the Web, a revolution in interactive entertainment.

About CyberLink Corp.

Founded in 1995, CyberLink Corporation builds award winning software solutions utilizing digital video and audio kernel technology. The company believes digital video and audio technologies can be used creatively in building innovative software tools like digital video recording, multimedia slide shows, DVD playback, and video communication tools. Its multimedia and Web software solutions enable customers to fully utilize the PC's audio and video capabilities, while also supporting real-time Internet services and communication. As a result of the company's solid growth and profitability CyberLink went IPO in October of 2000 and is listed on the Taiwan OTC (Over The Counter) Exchange. To keep up with market demands, CyberLink has operations in North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Japan. CyberLink's worldwide headquarters are in Taipei, Taiwan ROC and its Web site is located at: http://www.goCyberlink.com/

CyberLink programs are available for press evaluation. Please send requests to: press@gocyberlink.com or contact us by phone at: +886-2-8667-1298.