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A Nostalgic Journey Across Europe

The iconic Vespa has for many years been a go-to means of day-to-day transportation in Germany and many other European countries. What has been considered to be a standard means of daily transportation has, however unlikely, created small groups of adventurers that dare to make long distance journeys with them. One adventurer in particular is Alex Schwarz, a 26-year-old from Southern Germany and an "I Love Travel" winner who loves nature, has a love for all things nostalgic as well as making exciting travel videos. An avid hiker and mountain biker, Alex joined a Vespa touring group two years ago, which regularly makes trips throughout Europe. They can rack up over 500 miles in a single journey, from the lowest of the lowlands to the heights of the Alps.

The award-winning “I Love Travel” entry from Alex

Challenges Down the Road

As with any adventure, expect the unexpected. With such long distances on vehicles designed for short range trips, repairs often have to be carried out on the road. Fortunately, Alex and his team are DIY experts, overcoming any technical obstacle as if it were just a small bump in the road.  Alex also told us that many bystanders are impressed by their dedication: "Every country we pass through, be it Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia or Croatia, people get excited everywhere when they see our cool bikes, no matter if it is the capital city, the countryside or even the border control, many want to take a picture with us and our bikes."

Repairs on the road. Alex and his party of DIY experts are back on the trail in a matter of minutes.

Editing all the Adventures with PowerDirector

When asked where the inspiration for these videos came from, Alex told us it was as simple as receiving a GoPro Hero 4 as a birthday present. Ever since, his action camera has been a constant companion during his travels. Alex has also grown more creative over time as well: "I found that a simple slideshow was simply too boring, whereas a short, nicely cut video conveys emotion and the viewer can almost feel as if they are taking part in the journey itself. Videos are also the most optimal method of preserving your own memories as well."

When the adventures on the road come to end, then begins transforming footage into travel videos. When asked why he uses PowerDirector to assist in creating such fantastic adventure clips, Alex pointed out usability and a wide range of features: "PowerDirector is the complete package, having all the tools I need for editing my videos. There are also plenty of advanced features for professional-level filmmakers as well, which is perfect as I hope to improve in the future. The simplicity of PowerDirector’s interface also allows for a speedy editing process, regardless if it is a quick video about my last skiing trip or my annual Vespa trip."

The Vespa travelers tackle any obstacle before them.

Tips for beginners

Alex then gave us some advice for those looking to make their first travel video: "The first step is to seek out meaningful footage. This might sound obvious, but beginners often take too much footage that won't be used and they will be too worn out from filming to find the right angles. My recommendation is to take minute or two pre-shot and think about what you would like to capture. Another mistake I made as a beginner was capturing shots too quickly, resulting in shaky footage. If you capture a scene too slowly, you can always speed up the footage later when editing. The opposite is more difficult."

We look forward to seeing Alex’s following adventures and are excited to see what he will bring to the next "I Love Travel” contest!


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