U Account

1. Do I need to create a user ID?

No, you are not required to create a user ID for your U account. However, we recommend that you create one so that your friends can find you more easily when they are adding new friends.

2. Can I change my user ID?

No, once you create a user ID it cannot be changed.

3. Where can I find my user ID?

You can find your user ID by tapping the More option on the U main page, and then tapping Profile. If the User ID field is empty, just tap it to create your user ID.

4. The user ID I want to use is not available. What can I do?

Your user ID must be unique, so if you find that the user ID you want to use is not available, you will have to choose another one or add a sequence of numbers to the end of the user ID.

5. Will my U account and user ID be made public?

Your U account and user ID are made public by default, however you can easily change this setting. Just go to the U main page, tap More and then Profile. Next, disable the Make My User ID Public option. We recommend that you make your user ID public so that your friends can more easily find you.

6. Does U add the contacts in my phone to my friends list automatically?

Yes. The people in your phone contact list who have U accounts are automatically added to your friends list by default. If you don't want them added automatically in the future, you can disable this feature by tapping More and then Settings. In the Privacy section, disable the Auto Add Friends option.

7. Does U automatically add me to the friends list of people who have my phone number in their phone?

Yes. If someone installs U on their device and has your phone number in their contacts, you will be automatically added to their friends list if they have not disabled the Auto Add Friends option in Settings. However, you can prevent this from happening by tapping on More and then Settings. In the Privacy section, disable the Auto Accept Requests option. Once this is done, you will have to manually respond to all friend requests in the Friends page.


1. Can I cancel or delete a message that I have already sent?

Yes, you can recall messages that you sent within the last week. Even if the person you sent the message to has read the message, you can still recall it and then delete it from the chat history on both devices.

2. What does the gray exclamation mark in the chat window mean?

This gray exclamation mark means that the message could not be sent, usually due to a network timeout. You can try to resend the message by selecting it and then tapping Resend.

3. Why am I not notified that I have received a new message, or the messages are delayed on some Android phones?

Some Android phones have power saving features that block U messenger's background services, which handle messages being received. To avoid this, you'll need to change some of your phone settings and allow U messenger to start background services for these phones.
Here is how you can change the settings on some specific Android phones:

4. What is a Self-Destruct message?

A Self-Destruct message is a message that is deleted (self-destructs) from both the sender’s and the receiver’s device once the message recipient has read it. You can set the amount of time it takes for the message to self-destruct when you are creating the message. To send a self-destruct message, tap "+" while you are chatting with a friend, and then Self-Destruct .

5. What is Delay Send?

Delay Send lets you create a message and then send it to a friend at a later scheduled date and time. You can also send photos and stickers using Delay Send. To use this feature, tap "+" while in a chat and then select Delay Send.

6. Can I cancel or edit a Delay Send message before its scheduled send date and time?

Yes, you can change or cancel the message at any time before the message’s scheduled send date and time. To cancel a Delay Send message, tap the Delayed Messages notification at the bottom of the chat window. In the Delayed Messages window, just tap Delete to cancel the message. To make changes to the message, tap Edit.

7. What is Break Up?

Break Up allows you to erase your chat history with a friend, deleting all the messages, photos, and albums that you sent from both of your devices. That friend will be removed from your friends list and blocked from sending you any future messages. You will also be removed from that person's friend list. If you want to Break Up with a friend on U, just tap the ┇ button in the chat window and then select Break Up.


1. I just installed U for the first time and there are people in my friends lists already. Is this normal?

Yes. U will add everyone in your phone contacts list who has a U account to your friends list by default. If you'd like to disable this feature, you can tap More on the main page and then Settings. In the Privacy section, disable the Auto Add Friends option.

2. I do not want to be automatically added as a friend by people who have my phone number in their phone. What can I do?

To prevent being automatically added by others, tap More on that main page and then go to Settings. In the Privacy section, ensure that the Auto Accept Requests option is disabled.

3. Why aren't friends who joined U after me being automatically added to my friends list?

This usually happens if the friend that joined after you decided to disable the Auto Accept Requests option in Settings. You can still send these users a friend request by simply going to the Friends window, tapping "+", and then tapping Add Friends. U will automatically send a friend request to these users once you do this, which they will then have to manually accept.

4. Can I prevent the information in my contacts list from being transmitted to U?

No. The phone numbers in your phone contacts will be used by U to look for people you know so they can be added to your friends list. U will not make this information public or share it with other U users. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

5. What is the difference between Block and Break Up when I no longer wish to have contact someone in my friends list?

If you want to stop a person from sending you messages in U, just tap the ┇ button in the chat window and then select Block. If you select Break Up, the person will be removed from your friends list and also prevented from sending you any future messages. You will be removed from the person's friend list and all of photos you sent to him/her, along with your chat history, will be deleted both of your devices.