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Become an Affiliate Partner

Generate Revenues for your Website with CyberLink's Affiliate Program

Looking for a chance to increase your revenue from your web traffic?
Join the CyberLink Affiliate Program! Our program provides a
cost-effective approach for website owners to generate more
income while simultaneously avoiding the expenses of installing,
maintaining, or upgrading software.

How it works:

Advertise - Add our text/banners links to your Web site, Forum or Paid Search adwords.


1. How do I place adverts on my website?

You only need to be able to copy and paste HTML code and place it accurately within the code of a Web page.

2. What types of links do CyberLink provide?

We offer a large variety of ad types that are all IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) compliant. These link types include banners (in a variety of sizes), text links, and other advanced link types.


Contact The CyberLink Affiliate Marketing Team for more information at