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Become an Affiliate Partner

Generate Revenues for your Website with CyberLink's Affiliate Program

Looking for a chance to increase your revenue from your web traffic?
Join the CyberLink Affiliate Program! Our program provides a
cost-effective approach for website owners to generate more
income while simultaneously avoiding the expenses of installing,
maintaining, or upgrading software.

How it works:

Get Paid - Receive your commission payments via Check or free Direct Deposit


1. How do I get paid?

We aggregate your total commissions earned each month, and if this amount exceeds the minimum payout, we send a paycheck (or direct deposit) in your designated currency. When we issue a check to you, it is for the previous month's transactions. Until your account balance reaches the minimum payout, we roll over the previous month's earnings into the following month. This means that, after a withdrawal is made to process a check, the money that has been earned during the current month will remain in the account.

2. How do I receive my payment?

You may choose to receive your payments via a check in the mail or, if you are a resident of the U.S. or Canada, through direct deposit to a designated bank account. There is no charge for this service. At this time, direct deposit is only available in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Sweden and Canada.


Contact The CyberLink Affiliate Marketing Team for more information at