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Become an Affiliate Partner

Generate Revenues for your Website with CyberLink's Affiliate Program

Looking for a chance to increase your revenue from your web traffic?
Join the CyberLink Affiliate Program! Our program provides a
cost-effective approach for website owners to generate more
income while simultaneously avoiding the expenses of installing,
maintaining, or upgrading software.

How it works:

Register - Complete our application form


1. How do I join the CyberLink affiliate program?

  • Create a Commission Junction account using a valid email address and join the CyberLink affiliate program for free.

  • Generate network activity within six months in order to maintain an active account that Commission Junction supports.

  • Once you have joined the CyberLink affiliate program through the Commission Junction Account Manager you will be able to use CyberLink’s links on your website(s).

  • As a publisher, once you have placed ads on your site, you can monitor your transactions in the CJ Account Manager.

2. Can I participate if I reside outside the United States?

We accept advertisers from almost every country.

Contact The CyberLink Affiliate Marketing Team for more information at