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Here's Why You'll Love PowerDVD 17

4 times the resolution and 2.5 times frame rate of
Blu-ray and Full HD

Unbeatable Picture Quality with HDR10 NEW
Experience brighter, more vivid colors and
better contrast

Enhance all your standard dynamic range (SDR) content
to HDR quality
Play and browse media with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets

3D-360° Video Support NEW
Make the whole VR experience feel even more real

Watch your favorite YouTube videos offline in
high quality

PowerDVD Achievements
World's No. 1 Movie & Media Player


PowerDVD is considered being one of
the most productive media player.



PowerDVD is highly recommended by
influential media around the world.



We are committed to delivering quality products and service.

Incredible Ultra HD Blu-ray NEW
Once again PowerDVD leads the way, bringing the latest in high-resolution video technology to ensure you can enjoy the ultimate in Ultra HD 4K home entertainment. Ultra HD Blu-ray is as great a jump from Blu-ray, as Blu-ray was from DVD. It's the best that 4K home cinema gets!


Before - Original Photo After - Edited with MakeupDirector
HDR10 - Brighter, More Vivid NEW
High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology takes contrast to historically high levels, providing amazing detail in both dark and bright areas. Also, with less banding for color and contrast gradients, it controls every color perfectly for the smoothest and most natural results.

TrueTheater HDR - Darker Darks, Richer Colors NEW
PowerDVD's unique TrueTheater HDR technology can enhance all your standard dynamic range (SDR) content to HDR quality, letting you realize the full potential of your HDR TVs and monitors across all the content you watch.

VR (Virtual Reality) - The Future is Now NEW
Immerse yourself in VR with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. Explore new worlds in 360° video and photos. And new 3D-360° video support makes the whole experience feel even more real! PowerDVD is the must-have player for the next-generation in multimedia entertainment.

  • Mirror Mode - Share your VR journey on TVs and monitors! PowerDVD's unique Mirror Mode technology provides you an exciting way to enjoy VR by showcasing your amazing experience to others.
    TV Mode - Bring the Movies Home UNIQUE
    The most natural, enjoyable movie experience you can have at home on your TV. Enjoy a cinema-quality movie experience from the comfort of your sofa with software that is optimized for big-screen displays.

    How to Enjoy TV Mode

    Media Casting to Big Screen UNIQUE
    Stream directly from PowerDVD to your TV through leading media casting devices—Roku®, Apple TV® and Chromecast™.

    • Cast content that isn't supported by your Roku®, Apple TV® and Chromecast™ device.
    • Apply PowerDVD's award-winning TrueTheater technologies to anything you stream for greatly improved quality.
    * While CyberLink makes every effort to ensure compatibility with casting devices, it is not responsible for any incompatibility howsoever caused by manufacturer firmware.
    Lossless Quality Audio Playback ENHANCED
    With an improved audio rendering engine, PowerDVD provides even more remarkable master-quality sound. Enjoy Dolby, DTS, FLAC, ALAC and other high-quality lossless audio designed to provide a premuim listening experience.
    Pin YouTube Videos in High Quality NEW
    Stream YouTube 1080p FullHD, 360° and 4K videos on your VR headsets and computer, or even pin (download) them to watch offline later. Perfect for when you are going to be on the road for extended periods of time without Internet.

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