Video & Photo Editing Solution

PowerDirector 16

Fastest Video Editor

PCMag's Editor Rating: EXCELLENT
  • What’s New?
  • Intelligent Color Correction
  • Audio Ducking & Video Collage
  • Match shot with look up tables
  • More premium effects & templates
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PhotoDirector 9

Intuitive Photo Editor

PCMag's Editor Rating: EXCELLENT
  • What’s New?
  • Sharper Image
  • Total 360° Photo Editing
  • Motion Stills & Animated GIFs
  • Simplified Layer Editing
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Frequently Bought Together

PowerDirector 16 &
PhotoDirector 9

Your Ultimate Photo & Video Editing Toolkit

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  • Get two exclusive gifts worth hundreds
  • Deliver perfect & professional results
Only $139.99
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Photo & Video Editing Powerhouse

Director Suite 6

Video, Audio and Photo Editing for Advanced Enthusiasts

  • Editing Suite bundle with value over $400
  • Include the ALL-NEW PowerDirector 16, PhotoDirector 9, ColorDirector 6, and AudioDirector 8
10% OFF $299.99
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What`s NEW in Director Suite 6

  • Intelligent Color Correction NEW

    PowerDirector's Color Match intelligently analyzes your video footage and adjusts lighting, saturation, and color variables to achieve a consistent look across an entire clip.

  • Auto-duration Adjustment NEW

    AudioDirector intelligently adjusts backing music tracks to fit the length of your video. AudioDirector will analyse the audio and seamlessly mix it so that it fits the length of your clip.

  • 360º Video Editing & Preview NEW

    With ColorDirector you can import, edit, preview and export 360-degree video footage. Cutting edge technology accurately works with 360º video so that your edits are maintained throughout the entirety of your footage.

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