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  • Handles all your video and photo needs
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PowerDirector $99.99 + PhotoDirector $99.99

Unleash Your Creativity and Create Video & Photo Masterpieces

Powerful yet simple. Find out why PowerDirector is used by professionals and beginners alike to create impressive movies.

When it comes to making unforgettable photos that stand apart from the others, nothing beats the year's best photo editor, PhotoDirector.

See What You Can Do with Video & Photo Combo

Create Amazing Photo Art

PhotoDirector has everything you need to turn ordinary photos into extraordinary. Organize your photos quickly and efficiently with easy photo management.
Enliven your videos with inspiring photo creations - make animated GIFs, motion stills and multi-exposure images.

Fix Every Shot in One Click

The perfect bundle to handle all your video and photo editing needs. Up your Instagram and YouTube games instantly with this killer combo.

More Lens Profiles  NEW 

With a growing collection of more than 100 lens profiles, you can quickly and accurately fix common lens flaws.

Easy Photo Management

Instantly identify people in photos, then sort and store them for easy browsing and fast photo editing later on.

Remove, Move & Fill  NEW 

Remove or move objects or people from photos simply by brushing over them.

Perfect Group Photos

Use Video-to-Photo Face Swap to instantly create perfect group photos from video. Everyone is smiling, every time!

Layer Editing Made Easy  NEW 

With express layer templates, add shadow and border effects or even transform objects to perfectly fit your image.

Motion Stills  NEW 

Brush over sections of a video clip to retain movement in that area only. Other parts appear frozen in time!.


Create fully customizable and impressive multi-exposure images from your video footage.

Engaging GIFs  NEW 

Turn your videos into creative, animated GIFs. Perfect for sharing on social media for more engaging content.

Take Video Editing to the Next Level

PowerDirector's feature rich platform offers over 140 editing features, 600 built-in effects & templates.
Create stunning video projects and slideshow videos with more creative options. When you're finished, directly share to YouTube and Vimeo.

Title Designer

Customize a title's motion, font size, gradient color, border, blur level, transparency and reflection.

Transition Designer

Create unique transitions from any image or logo using alpha channel masks to control their shape.

PiP & Particle

Overlay animated objects on your videos and use simple transforming tools to create engaging video collages.

TrueTheater® Color

Color Enhancement that intelligently analyzes video footage and optimizes hues and vibrancy, while protecting skin tone from distortion.

Color Grading  NEW 

Apply a consistent look to your videos with intelligent Color Match, or tweak colors effortlessly with Split Toning and Video Blending.

Look-up Tables (LUTs)  NEW 

Look-up Tables is a useful and quick method for you download & apply free stylistic color LUTs to your videos.

Action Camera Center

Extreme toolkit for your action sports and high speed videos, including stop motion, slow motion, stabilization, and zoom & pan effects.

360° Editing Studio  NEW 

Complete end-to-end 360-degree video editing including seamless 360° titles & PiP, little planet mode, stablization, and object tracking.

Audio Editing  NEW 

Fully featured audio console helps you correct volume, normalize sound and provides audio ducking tools to ensure speech is heard clearly.

For all your special moments

The perfect bundle to handle all your video and photo editing needs. Up your Instagram and YouTube games instantly with this killer combo.

Easy round-trip editing

If you often use photos in your video projects, you'll love how easy and quick it is to edit your shots without ever having to leave PowerDirector. One smooth workflow!

Unbeatably affordable!

Professional video and photo editing tools with entry-level affordability! If you've been on the fence about getting into media creation, now's the time to jump!

PowerDirector 16 & PhotoDirector 9

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