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Use The MultiCam Designer to Edit Shots from Multiple Cameras

Now you need import four video clips (taken at the same time with different cameras) into the MultiCam Designer, select the scenes you want to use, and then add background music to make your music video.


Import Media to MultiCam Designer


1. Click on the Plug-in button and then select MultiCam Designer.

2. Click on Import Video
3. Select Import from Media Room.

4. Select the video clips and then click OK.

5. Your videos are imported.


6. You can also import a audio clip the same way if your production environment is using another audio recording device to capture audio.

Sync MultiCam Clips


PowerDirector provides several way to sync the clips recorded from different devices. The most common way is to sync the clips by audio. You can choose an audio track or a video track as reference track to syncronize your MultiCam clips.



1. Set the synchronization type to Audio Analysis, and the audio source to Imported Audio.

2. Click on Apply to start the analysis.

3. The analysis is complete. You can see the tracks being synced basing on their audio tracks.
Arranging MultiCam Clips


Now it's time to capture the segments you want from each of the four videos. By using the record button and clicking on the camera source to use its content in the recording track, you are able to edit your music video production.



1. Click on the record button and start choosing your preferred camera.

2. Now you will see the tracker moving on timeline. Mouse click on each preview window, or use keyboard key to switch between camera 1 to 4.

3. You can click the puse button to pause recording, or click the stop button When your recording is done.

After capturing the preferred video segments, you can still change the content you used in the edit.



1. Select the segement in the recording track that you want change, and then click on the Split button.

  1. 2. Right click on the video segment on the recording track, and then select Camera 4.
3. After the segment is changed, click OK.
  1. 4. Your MultiCam recording is finished, the recorded MultiCam clips are now export to your PowerDirector timeline under full editor mode. You can further add transition, effects or title on full editor mode's timeline.