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Content Aware Editing

CyberLink PowerDirector offers a quick and useful way to edit your video clips: Content Aware Editing. It combines the fix and enhance features of Magic Fix and the editing features of Magic Cut into one convenient editor. Content Aware Editing automatically identifies and fixes possible flaws in a video clip, or the "bad parts". It also marks the parts when the camera pans, detects people's faces, and more, providing a faster and clearer picture of the video content you are editing.

There are two ways to start Content Aware Editing. The first is to right click on a video clip on the timeline and then select Edit Using Content Aware Editing.


The second way is to click the icon below a video clip in the media library to launch the Content Aware Editing window.
Marking a selected video segment


This feature allows you to mark the beginning and the end of a segment of a video, marking it for later use.



1. Move the timeline slider to a desired position and click on the beginning marker (marked in red above the timline slider) to mark the beginning of a segment.

2. Move the timeline slider to a desired position and then click on the button ending marker (beside the beginning marker) to mark the end of a segment.

3. Click on the Selected button. The selected segment of a video will be displayed in the upper right panel.


You may use the same method to mark more video segments.

Auto fixing the flaws in a video clip


If a video clip contains camera shaking or the video that is too dark, Content Aware Editing will automatically detect these problems and give you the option to instantly fix them.


Click on the wrench button to Auto fix all segments in a video clip.

Or right click on a detected problem and then select Apply Fix to Entire Scene.

You can compare the video segments before and after fixing in a pop-up window and then click OK.
Playing all selected content


In the panel for the selected video segments, you can click on Play button on top right (marked in red) to preview all the selected video content.


Removing selected segments


Select any segments you want to remove, and then click on the trash can icon to remove them.

Selecting all, except the deselected content


This feature, similar to an inverse selection, allows you to select all the unselected segments. When you have a long video clip and most of it is marked for selection, you can use it to speed up the selection process.


1. Set a segment as deselected (meaning it will be trimmed out) and then click on the arrow button beside the Deselected button.

  1. 2. Click on Yes.
3. The rest of the video is now marked as selected. Click OK.
  1. 4. Editing is complete.