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Using the Magic Movie Wizard

The Magic Movie Wizard guides you through the steps to create a video production. Simply follow these steps to an amazing video. With the Theme Designer, you can do the same, except you have the option of editing the theme and style templates it uses to create the video. Both of these tools are highly recommended if you want to quickly create a video production.

1. Click on folder button and select Import a media folder.

2. Select the media folder whose media you want to import and then click Select Folder.


Extra Information: When you choose to import a folder, you won't see any of its media files in the window.

3. Click on the Magic Wand Button and then
select Magic Movie Wizard.

4. Select Media Library and then click Next.


Extra Information: You can also use the selected library media or the existing media on the timeline to make your movie.


5. Select the Postcard template and then click Next.

Setting background music


Or right click on a detected problem and then select Apply Fix to Entire Scene.


1. Click the "+ musical notes" button (marked in red) to import background music files.

2. Select the desired music files and then click Open.


Tip: You can import more than one music file to be the background music.

Knowledge Base: To remove a music file as the background
music, select it and then click on the trash can button.


3. Move the audio level mixing slider towards More music, and then set the output duration as 00:03:00:02.

4. Click Next.


Extra Information: Mix audio level between music and the video's audio to control the audio. Move the slider towards More music to make the background music louder than the original video's audio. Otherwise, move the slider towards More video.

5. Your movie is being created.

Adding sequences to themes in the Theme Designer


The Magic Movie Wizard not only has preset templates, but also allows you to edit its style templates in the Theme Designer. This way you can customize, design and mix theme styles to suit your creativity.


1. Click Edit in the Theme Designer.

2. Click on the "+ sequence" button to add more sequences.
3. Select the Opening sequence under Picture Frames template.
4. Select the Closing sequence under Postcards template.

5. Click and drag the added Opening sequence to the left, so that it will be the opening of the movie production.


Tip: Newly added sequences are placed behind the sequence that is selected.

6. Click and drag the Closing sequence to the right, so that it is the ending of the movie.