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The Paint Designer

The Paint Designer lets you create hand drawn animation objects, such as directions drawn on a map, your written signature, or hand drawn images that can be used in your video production.

1. Go to the PiP Objects room and then click on the pencil button to launch the Paint Designer.
2. Select a type of tool, and then set the width and color of the drawn line. Next, click on to start recording your drawing.


3. When you are done, click the same button to stop the recording.

Knowledge Base: If you want to erase all the content you've drawn, click on the reset button.

4. Click Save to continue.

5. Enter a name for your new template, and then click OK.
6. Drag the created paint animation object to an editing track.
7. Adjust its length.


Note: Shortening the object's duration increases the speed of the paint animation. This does not trim out any of the paint animation you created.

Knowledge Base: Besides drawing all kinds of shapes and lines, you can also use the erase mode to create unique animation effects. With the erase mode, you can switch the paint canvas background to a solid color, and then erase the color to reveal the image behind it as you draw.


Paint animation objects can be used on any video or image to create an appealing animation effect for the media clips in your production.


The Original Image

  1. Using the Erase Mode