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Creating a Video Clip with the Easy Editor

The difference between the Easy Editor and the Slideshow Creator is that the Easy Editor allows you to use both video clips and photos in your productions, while the Slideshow Creator is only for creating slideshows with photos. There are just five steps required to create videos in the Easy Editor.

Start CyberLink PowerDirector, and then select Easy Editor.
1. Click on Import Media Files and then select Import a Media Folder.
2. Select a media folder, and then click Select Folder.

3. If you would like to delete some media, select some media to remove, and then click on trash bin icon

4. Click Next.

Select one of the Magic Style templates, and then click Next.
1. Click on the music button to add some background music.
2. Select the desired music file, and then click Open.
3. Move the Mix audio level between music and the
video's audio slider towards More music.
4. Set the output duration to 00:00:59:29.
5. Click Next.
1. Your video is being created.
2. Click Play to preview the created video production.
3. Click Next.
1. Your video is being created.
2. Customize the disc's menu, and then burn your production to a disc.