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The Editing Workspace

The editing workspace has two different views: the Timeline and Storyboard views.

Timeline view:
this is for more advanced video editing.


Storyboard view:
this view displays thumbnails of the media files (images and videos) in your video. You must switch back to the Timeline view to use other features, such as adding audio, title effects, transitions,etc..
Manually Resizing the Timeline:


Move the mouse to the timeline ruler. When the cursor becomes an arrow with clock icon, drag the cursor to the left to zoom out. Drag the cursor to the right to zoom in on the timeline.


View Entire Project:


You can use the View Entire Movie option to view your entire video production at once. Please note this does not change the duration of the individual media files or your project. To view your entire project, just right click the mouse on the timeline ruler and then select View Entire Movie in the pop-up menu.


Tip: You can also click and drag the slider in the lower left corner to resize the timeline, or click the highlighted icon on top left to quickly view the entire movie production.

Setting Timeline Height


CyberLink PowerDirector allows you to add up to 100 video tracks (and corresponding audio tracks) to the timeline.You can then adjust the timeline height if you have a large number of tracks in the editing workspace.

Setting Track Height


The timeline workspace has three default track heights: small, medium, and large. You can set the desired track height by right clicking the mouse anywhere on the timeline and then selecting the Adjust Video Track Height or Adjust Audio Track Height in the pop-up menu.

Manually Adjusting a Track's Height


Move the mouse to the border of the track you want to adjust. When an up/down arrow cursor is displayed, drag the cursor up or down to either expand or reduce the height of the individual timeline track.

Manually Adjusting the Editing Workspace's Height


You can also adjust the height of the whole editing workspace. To do this, move the mouse to the top border of the editing workspace. When an up/down arrow cursor is displayed, drag the cursor up to expand the height of the workspace.



Once the height of the editing workspace is expanded, you can view multiple tracks at once


Undocking the Preview Window


The preview window can be undocked from the editing workspace. If you have dual monitors, this feature is useful when editing and previewing your production. Click the button (marked in red on this image) to undock the preview window.

Click the button (marked in red) to re-dock the preview window.