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Adding Title Effects

Adding titles to your video can help you convey your message more effectively, and can make it more appealing. You have to switch to the Title Room before you can add title effects to your production.

Inserting 2D title

Most of the content in the Title Room is in 2D, which is the most commonly used title effect text.


1. Switch to the Title Room, and then drag a title template to the timeline. Double click the template to open the Title Designer
to modify it.

2. Double click the text box to enter the text.
Applying and setting character presets



1. Click on Character Presets.

2. Select a preferred character preset.
3. Select the Font Type Settings option to set the font type, size, and color.
4. Select the Font Face Settings option and then set the colors for the 2 color gradient.
5. Select your desired color and then click OK.
6. Select the Reflection option and then select Apply reflection.
7. Click on Font Shadow Settings and then deselect Apply shadow.

8. Go to Border Settings, and then set the Size to 6.

Note: By default, text objects are in the 2D format. If you want
to enable 3D on any text object, simply select the Enable 3D
depth option in 3D Settings.

To preview the title effect in 3D, you need to enable 3D
mode, wear 3D glasses, and use a 3D display device. (A 3D
display device is not needed if you have red/cyan glasses.)
Adding Text Animation

In addition to applying character presets, you can also add animation to a title effect. CyberLink PowerDirector contains dozens of effect animations that you can apply to the beginning or end of the text as it displays in your production.


1. Go to Motion tab.

2. Set the Starting Effect as Trance Center.
3. And the Ending Effect as Solo Fall.
Inserting more title text


1. Click on the button and then enter your text in the title text box.

2. Right click on the title text box to customize the font
settings (for example font color and type).


Inserting particle effects

1. Click on the button (marked in red).


2. Select a particle effect and then click OK.

3. The particle effect will be displayed in the preview

Customizing the Speed of Title Effect Animation


You can set the duration of the title effect animation for each text object, including the time it takes for the starting and ending effects to complete.


1. Click on the "2013" title text box.

2. The first section is the duration before the 2013 text appears. You can use the cursor to adjust the length of it.

3. Adjust the ending point of the animation effect.

Modifying 3D-Like Text Properties


3D-like title temples let you rotate text on its X, Y, and Z axis, add 3D texture settings, and more.


1. Select and drag a title template to the timeline.
2. Double click on the template to open the Title Designer to modify it.


D-like templates use the text "My 3D Title" by default.

3. Change the text to "Italy".

4. Go to Character Presets and then select your preferred preset.

5. On the Font Face Settings tab, you can adjust the extrusion level.

6. Go to 3D Rotation Settings tab to set the text's X, Y, and Z rotation.

Note: To convert the 3D-like text into 3D, simply select
Enable 3D depth in the 3D Settings panel.

7. Click on the Motion tab to apply the starting and ending effects.