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Using the Effect Room

There are two methods for applying effects. One is to drag an effect to the effect track.

Adding Effects to the Effect Track


1. Click fx button to open the Effect room.

2. Drag the Dandelion effect to the effect track, and then click the Modify button to customize its settings.


Extra Information: The position of the effect on the timeline indicates when it will begin affecting other media above it in the timeline. You can reposition the effect or adjust its duration as required.

3. Customize the effect as required.



Note: Some effects also have a 3D effect. You can use the slider to set your preferred amount of 3D depth.

Adding Effects to Media Clips


You can add several effects directly to a media clip, applying more than one effect to a single media clip. However, the added effects are applied to the entire duration of the clip. If you want to apply an effect to only part of a clip, you have to use the Split button to separate the clip into multiple segments. By doing this you can add the effect to just one of the segments, without affecting the others.


1. Use the Split button to separate the clip into three segments.

2. Drag and drop the desired effect onto the second segment.
3. When previewing the video, you will see both the effect applied on the effect track and the effect applied directly to the
media clip.

4. Drag another effect onto the second portion of the clip, and then click the Effect button.

5. In the Effect Settings panel you can customize the added effects. Click an effect name on the left, and the effect's attributes display in the panel on the right.


Extra Information: To remove an effect, simply click to
remove it from the list.

Knowledge Base: You can tell when an effect was applied to a media clip, as the 'i' icon appears at the beginning of the clip in the timeline.