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PiP Objects Room

Media clips (images or videos) that display over other media in your project are called PiP (Picture-in-Picture) objects.The PiP Objects room provides a wide variety of other PiP objects, such as decorative borders, static graphics, motion graphics, and dialog balloons. The PiP Objects room also includes paint animation objects and provides access to the Paint Designer.

Customizing Media Clips

There are several basic editing techniques that you can use to customize media clips that overlap each other, such as resizing, repositioning, or reshaping.


Move the media clip that overlaps
Move the mouse cursor onto the cross icon to drag and move the media clip.

Rotate the media clip that overlaps
Move the mouse cursor to the round border to rotate the
media clip.

Resizing the media clip that overlaps
Move the mouse cursor to one of the eight white dots on the media clip's border. When the mouse cursor becomes two arrows, click and drag it to change the size of the media clip, revealing the media clip behind it..
Applying PiP Objects

You can drag a PiP object from the PiP Objects room to the timeline to have it display on top of your video.


1. Drag a PiP object to an editing track. You can view it in the preview window.

2. Drag another PiP object to an editing track below.


Extra Information: The PiP Objects room contains static and motion graphics. The latter's motion will display in the preview window.

3. Select the PiP object, and then click the Modify button.

4. Select the Apply border option.

5. Set the size, blur, and transparency levels of the object's order, and then change the color of the border.

6. Click the Reflection tab and then select the Enable reflection option.