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Editing Photos

Digital cameras can produce photos with an aspect ratio of both 4:3 and 16:9. Before you start editing your production, be sure to select the correct aspect ratio for your project. This is to prevent your produced photos from having black bars on their borders.

Cropping Images


1. Select the image clip on the timeline, and then click the Crop Image button.


2. Select the aspect ratio you want used for the cropped area of the image.


Tip: Cropping an image changes the content shown, as well as its aspect ratio. If your project's aspect ratio is 16:9 and the image's aspect ratio is 4:3, you can use a 16:9 aspect ratio to crop the image, so that the resulting image now fits your project.

3. Drag the edges of the crop area to resize it as required, and then click OK.
Knowledge Base: The resulting cropped image is saved as a new image in the media library, and the original image remains untouched. The new file name is the original file name with an incremental number.


Fixing and Enhancing Images
Use the Fix/Enhance function to enhance the images and videos in your production by adjusting the lighting and white balance.
1. Drag an image clip to a timeline editing track, and then click the Fix/ Enhance button.
2. Select the Lighting Adjustment option, and then use the slider to adjust the parameters.
Tip: Select the Compare video qualities in split preview option to compare the original and enhanced images in the preview window.
3. Select the Color Adjustment option, and then adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. Click 'X' to close the Fix/
Enhance panel.